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 This Week's Feature

Orbotech’s Strategic Decision for End-to-End Partnership Benefits Everyone
Barry Matties met with Sharon Cohen, president of Orbotech West, at productronica 2017 to discuss what’s new at Orbotech, specifically their shift to be more customer-centric and to provide regional coverage across the globe. He also discusses the current trends in the marketplace and Industry 4.0.

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  Featured Articles

EIPC’s 2018 Winter Conference in Lyon, Review of Day 1
Venue for the 2018 EIPC Winter Conference was the splendid new Alstom Transport Information Solutions facility in Villeurbanne, in the Lyon metropolitan area of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in eastern France. An extremely popular event—117 delegates represented a total of 20 countries, unprecedented in recent years, and only just fitted into Alstom’s conference suite. Indeed, some were even standing at the back!

Real Time with... DesignCon: Mentor Partners with Sintecs on EU Project
During DesignCon 2018, Guest Editor Kelly Dack interviewed Sintecs' CEO Evert Pap and system architect Hans Klos in the Mentor booth. Sintecs used Mentor's software tools to design the dReDBox, a virtual prototype project funded by the European Union.

CASE STUDY: Pits and Mouse Bite Issues, Part 2
In last month’s column, I introduced a case study that centered on plating pits and mouse bites. There were three areas in the process that raised concern as to the potential root cause of the defect. Of course, as with the case in all troubleshooting situations, it is best to look at the problem with wide open eyes. Just because one is looking at an issue that is visible after copper plating, this should not mean that is the only place to look. And this case study illustrates that point quite clearly.

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  Military and Aerospace News

3-D Printable Tools May Help Study Astronaut Health
A new NASA project could help. It aims to develop technology used to study "omics" -- fields of microbiology that are important to human health. Omics includes research into genomes, microbiomes and proteomes.

General Dynamics to Acquire CSRA for $9.6 Billion
General Dynamics and CSRA today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which General Dynamics will acquire all outstanding shares of CSRA for $40.75 in cash. The transaction is valued at $9.6 billion, including the assumption of $2.8 billion in CSRA debt.

Lockheed Martin Provides Finnish Defence Forces with Airborne Surveillance System
A vigilant “Dragon Shield” airborne surveillance system developed by Lockheed Martin for the Finnish Defence Forces has achieved final operational capability. The milestone was achieved after the final flight test of the system, which evaluated compliance of the aircraft to civilian and military airworthiness requirements as well as system requirements verification.

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  Medical Electronics News

Incorporating "Internet of Personalized Things" into World of Healthcare
Through devices like the Amazon Echo, University of Illinois researchers are building at-home personalized healthcare systems.

New Malleable 'Electronic Skin' Self-Healable, Recyclable
CU Boulder researchers have developed a new type of malleable, self-healing and fully recyclable “electronic skin” that has applications ranging from robotics and prosthetic development to better biomedical devices.

Finding Human Thermal Comfort with a Watch-type Sweat Rate Sensor
KAIST developed a watch-type sweat rate sensor. This subminiature device can detect human thermal comfort accurately and steadily by measuring an individual’s sweat rate.

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