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 This Week's Feature

Laser Pointers: Stepping up to Laser Processing for Flex, Part 6—Proper Care and Feeding of your Equipment
Supplementing your production capabilities with flexible circuit laser processing can pay big dividends. It not only enables you to broaden the set of services you can offer your customers, but it also extends your reach into additional markets you might not otherwise be equipped to serve.

  Flexible Electronics News Highlights

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  Featured Articles

EPTE Newsletter: BIOMEDevice Boston 2017
A two-day trade show was held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on May 3, 2017. The exhibition featured the following events: MD&M Event, PLASTEC NEW ENGLAND, Design & Manufacturing NEW ENGLAND and Embedded System Conference (ESC).

Ding Cheng of BYD Electronic: Embracing the FPC Factory Model of the Future
The topic of the third issue of PCB007 China Magazine is "The Wide World of Flex." Around this theme, we asked one of the leaders of China's FPC industry, Ding Cheng, general manager of the FPC Division of Shenzhen BYD Electronic Parts Company, to share his perspective about trends in flex, and where he thinks that market is headed in the future.

Standard of Excellence: The Challenges of Hiring Good People and Methods for Success
Increasingly, we hear about the challenges of finding and hiring good people in our industry. We are being hit on all sides; much of our work force is aging out while young people don’t seem to be too interested in joining the printed circuit board industry. Let’s face facts: Fewer young people are going to college to become circuit board process engineers.

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  Military and Aerospace News

Nanotechnology Flight Test: Material Impact on the Future
Mastering the intricacies of controlling matter at the nanoscale level is part of a revolutionary quest to apply nanotechnology to benefit industrial processes. A key element of that technology is the use of carbon nanotubes.

Service Academies Swarm Challenge Pushes the Boundaries of Autonomous Swarm Capabilities
U.S. Naval Academy wins three-day tournament over U.S. Military Academy and U.S. Air Force Academy in experiment designed to develop innovative tactics for large groups of unmanned aerial vehicles

New Lockheed Martin Exoskeleton Helps Soldiers Carry Heavy Gear
Their demanding missions often require soldiers to carry heavy equipment packs long distances over rough terrain, or up and down stairs and underground infrastructure in urban environments. Exhaustion and injury are frequently a consequence of these challenging operational scenarios.

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  Medical Electronics News

3D Imaging & Sensing Technologies: An Expected Explosion Within the Consumer Market Segment
“Beyond its traditional medical and industrial markets, 3D imaging & sensing is ready to conquer consumer and automotive sectors”, explains Pierre Cambou, activity leader, Imaging at Yole Développement, part of Yole Group of companies.

Miniaturization Strengthens the Adoption of Implantable Electronics in Medical Devices
The rapid expansion of diabetes testing and drug delivery markets is shining a spotlight on next-generation electronic devices such as implantable continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and implantable infusion pumps.

3D-Printed ‘Bionic Skin’ Could Give Robots the Sense of Touch
Engineering researchers at the University of Minnesota have developed a revolutionary process for 3D printing stretchable electronic sensory devices that could give robots the ability to feel their environment. The discovery is also a major step forward in printing electronics on real human skin.

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