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 This Week's Feature

IEC TC111 and the Ban on PTFE: Update
When Steve Tisdale and I last wrote about this subject, TC111 of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the ad hoc group, PT63031, was preparing a draft of a standard that would effectively ban PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) materials from electronics.

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  Featured Articles

CES 2018, Augmented Reality and Much More
The actual CES show is spread across many locations in Las Vegas. The main exhibit halls are at or near to the Las Vegas Convention Center with three buildings, two floors each, all filled with hundreds of booths. Then there is The Sands Convention Center with multiple halls filled to the brim and hotels with their own convention centers and floors of exhibitor suites. With almost 200,000 in attendance, all locations are very busy.

Thermal Management Update with Doug Brooks
I had the opportunity to talk with our contributor Doug Brooks recently. He has been doing some research on temperature effects on PCB traces over the last few years, and I wanted to check the status of his latest thermal efforts. He discussed his work with Dr. Johannes Adam, why temperature charts based on a trace in isolation are inaccurate, and how the industry remained so wrong about PCB temperatures for so long.

In Terms of Experience, a 10,000-foot View of China
In the past 30+ years of PCB manufacturing in China, you would be hard-pressed to find someone more connected to the pulse of the Asian market than Gene Weiner. Barry Matties met with the industry veteran at HKPCA to get his take on the show, the current and future market conditions of China, and any effect the new U.S. administration might have on trade relations going forward.

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  Military and Aerospace News

Rockwell Collins’ Shareowners Vote Overwhelmingly in Favor of Acquisition by UTC
Rockwell Collins, Inc. announced that today its shareowners overwhelmingly approved the proposed acquisition of Rockwell Collins by United Technologies Corp. More than 96% of all votes cast, representing more than 72% of all shares of common stock outstanding on the record date for the special meeting, were in favor of the transaction.

New Sandia Balloon-Borne Infrasound Sensor Array Detects Explosions
Sheets of plastic similar to that used for garbage bags, packing tape, some string, a little charcoal dust and a white shoebox-size box are more than odds and ends.

U.S. Air Force's SBIRS GEO Flight-4 Missile Warning Satellite Encapsulated for Launch
The SBIRS GEO Flight-4 satellite is now ready for its planned Jan. 18 launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket.

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  Medical Electronics News

UCLA Bioengineering Leads Development of Stingray-Inspired Soft Biobot
UCLA bioengineering professor Ali Khademhosseini has led the development of a tissue-based soft robot that mimics the biomechanics of a stingray. The new technology could lead to advances in bio-inspired robotics, regenerative medicine and medical diagnostics.

Biodegradable Sensor Monitors Pressure in the Body then Disappears
The small, flexible sensor is made of medically safe materials already approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in surgical sutures, bone grafts, and medical implants. It is designed to replace existing implantable pressure sensors that have potentially toxic components.

Global Healthcare Market to Skyrocket to Nearly $2T in 2018
Frost & Sullivan’s new analysis, Global Healthcare Industry Outlook, 2018, explores how the global healthcare landscape is expected to evolve in 2018. Even though the given political concerns and rising pressures to decrease healthcare costs, this industry will register globally a stable growth rate of 4.82% during this year.

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