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March 23, 2023 

Elementary, Mr. Watson:
If Not You, Then Who?

John Watson, Altium

I have had the opportunity to do a considerable amount of traveling. Over many visits to the Philippines, I noticed a distinct lack of nursing homes, and learned that it is a common practice for children to take care of their parents. They even have a designated term for this practice, ma alaga, roughly translated as "take care of." This practice leads to some fantastic outcomes in the culture, resulting in each age group taking care of its own, with a beautiful overlapping of different generations. What a great concept.

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True Experts Can Cite Their Sources

I-Connect007 Editorial Team

We’ve heard a lot lately about the need to identify tribal knowledge within our organizations. How do you know whether an “expert” is sharing documented knowledge or it’s just something they learned at their first job during the Carter administration? We asked IPC design instructor Kris Moyer to explain his process for separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, in design knowledge. As he points out, a true expert will not be afraid to cite the sources and data sets behind their arguments.

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Tips and Tricks in Today’s Designs

Kelly Dack, CID+

Filbert Arzola of Raytheon Intelligence & Space taught a Professional Development course at IPC APEX EXPO on general design practices. During a break, Filbert spoke with Kelly Dack about some of today’s design strategies and how designers are reacting to them. What matters most?

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Current Design007 Magazine Table of Contents

Tribal Knowledge: Friend or Foe?

Tribal knowledge is present in every organization, no matter what size. Tribal knowledge isn’t always bad, but there’s a lot of inaccurate tribal knowledge floating around out there. How do we distinguish tribal knowledge from documented facts? In this issue, our expert contributors will provide readers with the tools and methodologies needed to identify tribal knowledge, as well as when to question such information, and how to document and transform tribal knowledge into a process...
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  • With Tribal Knowledge, Trust but Verify, a conversation with Tamara Jovanovic
  • Tribal Knowledge: Not the Villain You Thought, by Tim Haag
  • Material Matters and Tribal Knowledge, by Alun Morgan
  • Instilling an Informal Information Culture, by Martyn Gaudion
  • If Not You, Then Who? by John Watson
  • Tribal Knowledge: A Personal Perspective, by Joe Fjelstad
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