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September 16, 2021 

Elementary, Mr. Watson: The Danger of Rogue Libraries

John Watson, Altium

When we think of a library, the first thing that comes to mind is a building that holds materials of some kind. In April 1800, when the seat of the government moved from Philadelphia to Washington, one of the first acts of President Monroe was to allocate $5,000 to purchase books for Congress to use... More >

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All Systems Go! Comprehensive Thermal Analysis of a System Design

Suketu Desai, Cadence

In recent years, driven by the demand for smarter electronics, device designers have witnessed enormous scaling of large and hyperscale integrated circuits (ICs) and embraced development directions toward high density and reliability. These devices have increasingly higher thermal performance requirements—both transient and steady-state—and meeting them is becoming increasingly complex and time consuming.

Thermal Integrity and Challenges
Today, ensuring thermal integrity of an electronic device is a multi-dimensional problem... More >


Sharpen Your PCB Designer Skills in 2021
The All New 2021 Class Schedule is Here for the Most in Demand IPC/PCB Designer Certification and they are now online! Now you have the opportunity to access and obtain the industry’s leading PCB certifications from the safety and comfort of your home or office. Choose from a number of convenient dates or schedule a dedicated online class for your firm. Powered by the Folks at EPTAC. Learn more now.

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From DesignCon: Insulectro Educating Designers About New Materials

Andy Shaughnessy, Design007

I recently met with Insulectro VP of Technology Chris Hunrath at DesignCon 2021. We discussed a variety of new laminates that Insulectro is distributing, as well as some newer processes and the need to educate designers on the ins and outs of cutting-edge laminates... More >


From DesignCon: EMA Helps Get DFM, Analysis Info to Designers Early in the Process

Andy Shaughnessy, Design007 Magazine

I recently spoke with Chris Banton, Director of Marketing for EMA Design Automation, during DesignCon 2021 in San Jose, California. He explained how EMA helps Cadence Design Systems push more DFM and signal integrity information into designers’ hands earlier in the design cycle, as well as how they are blurring the lines between PCB and RF design functions... More >

This Month's Jobs
Field Application Engineer

Perfect Point Precision Carbide Tools, a leading supplier of circuit board cutting tools, is looking to add to our technical staff to enhance our customer support team at our Santa Ana repointing facility...

Apply Now

Wet Process/Plating Technician - 3rd Shift

Printed Circuits, a fast-growing printed circuit board fabricator, offers excellent opportunities for advancement and growth in a dynamic manufacturing environment full of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment...

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More Job Opportunities >

Rogers’ RF Materials Pave the Way for Autonomous Vehicles - Rogers Corporation is a leading global provider of RF laminate material solutions including RO3003G2™ and RO4830™ laminates for 77 GHz and 24 GHz radar and V2X communications, enabling autonomous driving functions. Our high frequency testing, design and technical service experts are an integral part of the Rogers' global support team, collaborating with our customers to support the future of autonomous vehicles from design inception to full scale manufacturing.

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Collaboration by Design

In recent surveys, designers pointed to a lack of collaboration with fabricators as among their biggest ongoing challenges. And some respondents noted that when they did work with their fabricators, it was late in the design cycle, usually fixing simple design errors that could have been avoided by communicating with the CAM engineer earlier in the process...

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  • Collaboration by Design, by Andy Shaughnessy 
  • Collaboration: The Key to Streamlining Your Design Process, a conversation with Patrick Davis 
  • PCB Design: It’s a Team Sport, by John Watson 
  • The Power of Designer and Manufacturer Collaboration, by Ian Huibregtse 
  • Collaboration by Design: The Role of EDA Tools, by Rich Tighe 
  • The Collaborative PCB Design Process—A Necessity for Efficient Manufacturing, by Tim Haag 
  • Collaboration to Shorten the Learning Curve, by Tara Dunn
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