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September 24, 2020 

Time to Market: 12 Characteristics of NPI Suppliers

Imran Valiani, RUSH PCB Inc.

When trying to get a new product to market, time can be the most important factor when it comes to its future success or failure. And time is always passing whether you use it productively or not. When it comes to new product introduction (NPI), loss of time can mean everything. Thus, it’s critical to choose the right PCB and PCBA supplier to deliver your new product to market on time.

With that in mind, here are 12 characteristics you should look for when choosing and developing a long-term working relationship with that right NPI supplier. Quick turnaround suppliers must be:

  1. Capable: They need to have all the capabilities to handle your NPI needs... More >
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Connect the Dots: How to Know If a CAD Tool Is Right for You

Bob Tise and Matt Stevenson, Sunstone Circuits

Carpenters have hammers, bricklayers have trowels, and painters have their brushes; for PCB designers, the tool that defines us is our CAD software. Designers spend hours, days, or weeks in their CAD tool for each circuit board design, examining each connection, plotting each through-hole, and carefully placing each specific component. They discover quickly that not all CAD tools are created equally. 

How can designers find the right CAD tools to fit their particular methodology and needs?

Not every designer spends the same amount of time immersed in a CAD tool. Some designers may just work on a few designs per year, which means there is limited opportunity to learn the ins and outs of complex CAD software... More >


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Featured Content

American Standard Circuits’ New Book Covers Thermal Management From a Fabricator’s Perspective

Dan Beaulieu, D.B. Management Group

I had the opportunity to speak with Anaya Vardya, president and CEO of American Standard Circuits, about The Printed Circuit Designer’s Guide to…Thermal Management: A Fabricator’s Perspective, which serves as a desk reference for designers on the most current thermal management techniques and methods.

Dan Beaulieu: I just finished reading your new book, and I enjoyed it a great deal. I loved the idea that it is from the fabricator’s point of view, showing the various processes for building thermal management PCBs... More >

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Circuit board fabricator, Firan Technology Group (FTG), is seeking a candidate to fulfill the position of Chemical Process Engineer at their facility located in Fredericksburg, VA...

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U.S. Sales Manager

Circuit Foil Luxembourg, world-class producer of copper foils for the electronics industry, is seeking a candidate to fill the roll of U.S. Sales Manager...

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Thermal Management

For much of the history of the printed circuit board, thermal management hasn’t exactly been top of mind for designers and design engineers. There were always more pressing issues that needed to be addressed immediately, such as signal integrity and DFM...
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