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Getting Signal Integrity Right by Design
As clock frequencies increase and active devices and interconnect traces shrink and are placed ever closer together, signal integrity becomes an increasing challenge. Today, SI is typically addressed late in the design process after the PCB layout has been completed by performing complex and time-consuming 3D extractions and simulations for high-speed lines. But with little attention being paid to SI during the layout process, simulation frequently identifies numerous SI problems.


Beyond Design: Mastering “Black Magic” with Howard Johnson’s Seminars
Dr. Howard Johnson, the world’s foremost authority on signal integrity, has recently released his High-Speed Digital Design (HSDD) Collection. I recently reviewed all three of the seminars in this collection, a total of 36 hours of viewing time. If you want to gain some of Dr. Johnson's enthusiasm and master the art of high-speed design, then the collection is a must-have.

Over 12,000 Reference Designs Now Available to Capture Users - The new reference design library now available inside OrCAD® Capture provides users with access to over 12,000 (and growing) reference designs directly within their current schematic capture environment. This will help users get a jump start on design and focus their time on the differentiating aspects of their products—shortening the time it takes to achieve production-ready designs. Learn More.


A Thermal Conductivity Measurement Method, Adapted to Composite Materials Used in the PCB Industry
Most of today’s printed circuit board base materials are anisotropic and it is not possible to use a simple method to measure thermal conductivity along the different axes, especially when a good accuracy is expected. Few base material suppliers’ datasheets show X, Y and Z thermal conductivities. In most cases, a single value is given, moreover determined with a generic methodology, and not necessarily adapted to the reality of glass-reinforced composites with a strong anisotropy.


Round Robin of High-Frequency Test Methods by IPC-D24C Task Group (Part 1)
Currently there is no industry standard test method for measuring dielectric properties of circuit board materials at frequencies greater than about 10 GHz. Various materials vendors and test labs take different approaches to determine these properties. It is common for these different approaches to yield varying values of key properties like permittivity and loss tangent.


Design News & Additional Information

Industry 4.0: Making the First Move
Many companies now have active Industry 4.0, Internet of Manufacturing, or smart factory projects. In each case, different approaches were taken that appeared to best fit the project requirements and that would deliver the intended benefits versus the cost and effort investment needed. However, there is no best solution. This article explains why.

PADS Webinar: Simulate and Optimize Analog, Mixed-Signal Circuit Design
This webinar will introduce designers to the PADS AMS Design Suite, a complete design capture solution and analog, mixed-signal (AMS) virtual prototyping environment. Designers will learn how to balance component costs with tight tolerances against their impact on circuit and manufacturing performance, and much more.

Cadence Reports Revenue of $453M in Q2 2016
Cadence reported second quarter 2016 revenue of $453 million, compared to revenue of $416 million reported for the same period in 2015. On a GAAP basis, Cadence recognized net income of $49 million, or $0.17 per share on a diluted basis, in the second quarter of 2016, compared to net income of $58 million, or $0.19 per share on a diluted basis, for the same period in 2015.

Made in Brazil: The Evolution and Revolution of Impedance Control in PCB Production
The PCB industry in Brazil has gone through several changes over the last decade. Our customers have been demanding better quality and higher-reliability products more than ever before, but few things have changed as much as impedance control. PCBs with impedance control requirements have become the engine of the market, and finding solutions to fit the customer’s needs is extremely challenging.

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