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November 15, 2018 

Pulsonix Expands into North America with Version 10 Release

Tim Haag and Barry Matties, I-Connect007

At PCB West in Santa Clara, California, I-Connect007 Guest Editor Tim Haag and Publisher Barry Matties sat down with Ty Stephens of Pulsonix on the eve of the software developer’s much-anticipated version 10 release date. Stephens outlined many new updates in the upcoming release—which has been in development for over two years—and discussed the company’s desire to break into the highly competitive North American software market.

Tim Haag: Ty, it's great to meet you. I'm not very familiar with Pulsonix, but I’ve done some research, and I'm excited to learn more... More >>

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Words of Advice
by Andy Shaughnessy

In a recent Design007 survey, we asked the following question:
"What advice would you give an OEM system designer?" Here are just a few of the replies, slightly edited for clarity.

  • Dwain Strang, ZIN Technologies: If you are going to call yourself a “system designer,” have some idea of how electronics, electrical, mechanical, fluid systems, the enclosures and the environment interact! Do I sound like I have been at this too long?
  • Jim Pierce, Axiom Electronics: Push vendors to adapt to newer, more complete technology. Find ways to work together to smooth out the transition to better technology offerings. Use an open database structure.
  • Chand Basha M, Anora Semiconductor Labs: Always have a good margin on designs in comparison to your manufacturer’s capabilities. Run a thorough DFM check through at least two resources.
  • Pedro Vellosillo Postigo, Equilab: State very clearly all of the parts and components.
  • Mihai Burgheaua, Continental Automotive—Romania: Please review your work and check what is necessary (one size fits all is not possible).
  • Alex Forbes, Rakon: K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid). Get the whole design team working together from the start: mech, PCB, electronics engineer, and sales.
  • Roger Hughes, Black Magic Design: Intimately know your product’s use and working environment, and your fabricators’ and assemblers’ capabilities. Get as much information on hand before you start any work.
  • David Burch, BAE Applied Intelligence: Plan, consult, and get feedback.
  • Pietro Vergine, Leading Edge: Know and understand your design requirements.
  • Jon Ashton, Vergent Products: Listen to your assemblers, operators, and manufacturing and process engineers. The datasheet isn't always right for your environment or process.
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