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IPC-2581 Demo Draws a Crowd at IPC APEX EXPO
During IPC APEX EXPO 2018, the IPC-2581 Consortium held a demo of this open-source data transfer standard, attracting numerous designers, fabricators and assembly providers. Jim Pierce of Axiom Electronics and Bob Miklosey of Aegis Software sat down to discuss the demo and their involvement with the consortium. Axiom now charges more for designs submitted in the Gerber format.


Luc Maesen Discusses Ucamco's New Tools for Designers, Fabricators
European Editor Pete Starkey and Ucamco partner Luc Maesen discuss Ucamco's newest solutions for PCB designers and fabricators, YELO (Yield Enhancing Layout Optimizer) and Communic8tor. Both of these products were recently launched for users in the North American market.

I-Connect007 presents The Printed Designer's Guide to… Power Integrity by Example - Written by Fadi Deek of Mentor, A Siemens Business, this micro eBook investigates power distribution network performance. This book is a follow-up to Deek’s previous book on signal integrity, which is also available in our eBook library. Deek addresses problematic issues within electronic transmissions, and presents a variety of simulations and analyses in every chapter. Readers will gain a better understanding of cause-effect relationships between varying factors and how to consider these when making design decisions.Download free today!


Customer Support: What do PCB Designers Really Want?
First, let’s throw a leash around the elephant in the room. That’s my way of saying, “Here are some things that designers want, but we in the support business just can’t give it to them.” The first one that comes to mind: Customers have asked, manipulated, and even tricked me in their attempts to get free software.


Institute of Circuit Technology Meriden Seminar, 2018
The Institute of Circuit Technology returned to Meriden, traditionally regarded as the centre of England, for its Annual General Meeting, which was followed by a technical seminar of five presentations, introduced as ever by Technical Director Bill Wilkie.


Design News & Additional Information

New Show & Tell Magazine: Complete Coverage of IPC APEX EXPO
I-Connect007 is proud to announce the release of our first edition issue of Show & Tell, the magazine dedicated to covering the events of IPC APEX EXPO 2018 in San Diego, California.

I-Connect007 Student Photo Contest Results
I-Connect007 invited three local college students to participate in their photographic coverage of IPC APEX EXPO 2018. These photographers from The Art Institute of California–San Diego and San Diego City College roamed the show floor and captured a variety of photos that were submitted to the I-Connect007 Student Photo Contest.

Cadence Sigrity PowerDC Supports Future Facilities' Open Format
Cadence Sigrity PowerDC technology now supports Future Facilities’ new open neutral file format, which solves the challenge of sharing design models between different thermal simulation toolsets.

Ultra Librarian and Digi-Key Team to Offer Symbols for 1.25 Million Components
Digi-Key Electronics has reached a new milestone with Ultra Librarian; with the online library providing symbols, footprints, and 3D models for 1.25 million in-stock Digi-Key parts.

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