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June 10, 2021 

ExpressPCB Plus 3.0 Adds Functionality, SnapEDA Integration

I-Connect007 Editorial Team

ExpressPCB has recently released version 3.0 of its ExpressPCB and Express PCB Plus PCB design tools. Version 3.0 includes a variety of improvements including, among others, a direct integration with SnapEDA, allowing users to search for the correct components for their design without leaving the ExpressPCB tool... More >

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Elementary, Mr. Watson: Trust but Verify

John Watson, Altium

Over many years, I have seen some elaborate PCB library systems. However, the best ones were those not based on the size but rather the quality of the information. That old axiom is definitely “not quantity but rather quality.” 

I recently sat with a VP of engineering, and I asked what he thought of his PCB library. He thought for a moment and said, "I believe it is pretty good." I followed up, “But do you know?” To me, there is a difference. If I tell you that the stove is hot and you touch the burner, it will burn you. At that point, you only believe it. Now, if you go and feel the hot stove and it burns your hand, what just happened? You went from believing to knowing... More >


Prevent SI/PI Design Issues Before
They Happen

Identify and resolve PI and SI issue at any stage of your design with Sigrity Aurora. Real-time, overlaid simulation results allow you to quickly analyze, identify issues, and verify fixes from within a shared PCB design and analysis platform. Experience true, electrically-aware design from start to finish with best-in-class Sigrity and Allegro engines. See how.

Featured Content

Star Trek, the Original Series: An Homage from a Fan

Happy Holden, I-Connect007

It’s fun to think back to the days when I first saw Star Trek on TV. In September 1966, I was a sophomore in college in chemical engineering. Being a science fiction fan for many years, I was looking forward to this new show, so I would go over to the student union building early in order to get a seat in the TV room... More >

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Technical Writer (Full-time, Remote)

SEO company seeking a technical writer in the area of PCB design & manufacturing. We provide Search Engine Optimization and Thought Leadership services for well-managed, ethical companies...

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Multiple Positions

Innovative Circuits, a quick-turn, high-mix, low-volume PCB manufacturer located in Alpharetta, Georgia, is growing and looking for talented individuals to join the team...

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Rogers’ RF Materials Pave the Way for Autonomous Vehicles - Rogers Corporation is a leading global provider of RF laminate material solutions including RO3003G2™ and RO4830™ laminates for 77 GHz and 24 GHz radar and V2X communications, enabling autonomous driving functions. Our high frequency testing, design and technical service experts are an integral part of the Rogers' global support team, collaborating with our customers to support the future of autonomous vehicles from design inception to full scale manufacturing.

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Design007 Magazine — Space and Trace, the Final Frontier

These are the voyages of the PCB designer. Their ongoing mission: to explore strange new vias, to seek out land patterns and new base materials. To boldly go where no PCB designer has gone before.

William Shatner recently celebrated his 90th birthday, and much like the Star Trek franchise that he’s famous for, Shatner has aged well...
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  • Star Trek, the Original Series: An Homage from a Fan, by Happy Holden
  • My Life in PCB Design, by Cherie Litson
  • Hewlett-Packard’s Adoption—and Controversy—of Plated Through-Holes, by Clyde F. Coombs
  • The Trouble with Tribbles, by Dana Korf
  • There is No Final Frontier for PCB Design, by Matt Stevenson
  • It’s FR-4, Jim, But Not as We Know It! by Alun Morgan
  • Star Trek: Laying a Path for Technology of Tomorrow, Today, by Alex Belelovsky
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