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November 23, 2022 

Tim’s Takeaways: What More Do We Need to Know?

Tim Haag, First Page Sage

Although it’s been more years than I care to admit, I still remember very clearly the class on careers that I was required to take in junior high school. On a table in the front of the class were several boxes filled with all sorts of different job cards that a student would search through to learn about different professions. Each card listed the schooling and experience required for that particular job, its expected responsibilities and duties, and an estimated salary. Our assignment was to choose a handful of these cards that interested us, study them, and then list the reasons why we would or wouldn’t pursue those jobs as a career. As you might have guessed, I blew the assignment.

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Reliable Answers. Reliable PCBs.
PCBs are complex products which demand a significant amount of time, knowledge and effort to become reliable. They are used in products in our daily life. Every day we get questions about PCBs. And we love it. We have more than 500 PCB experts on 3 continents speaking 19 languages at your service. Regardless where you are or whenever you have a question, contact us! What’s your PCB question?
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Sensible Design: Encapsulation Resins—PU vs. Epoxy

Beth Massey, Electrolube

Most resin systems in use today are extremely complex products with elaborate chemical formulations. Process characteristics and final properties are usually adjusted by the manufacturer to suit the customer’s requirements, and this necessitates a great deal of skill, knowledge, and experience. Yet resin technology is an often-overlooked area in electronics manufacturing. Over the past few years there have been several major developments in material formulation and utilisation that have resulted in extremely effective new products being brought to the market. Beth Massey takes the helm this month.

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Nolan’s Notes: UHDI—Raising Awareness and Interesting Questions

Nolan Johnson, I-Connect007

It was over lunch on the second day of the recent IPC Symposium on Advanced Packaging when I asked a question that triggered an interesting discussion about advanced packaging and ultra high density interconnect. While these two technologies are distinct, they are also symbiotic; it takes both to make either successful. As the symposium delivered on its agenda, the inter-relationship between those two technologies became crystal clear.

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Test Engineer, Electronics Engineer and Senior PCB Designer

Keytronic is a dynamic, team-based contract manufacturer with facilities worldwide. Innovation defines us. Come join us in Spokane, Washington! We invite you to bring your engineering expertise and passion for excellence...

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Technical Sales Representative

We are an established distributor that represents manufacturing equipment and specialty consumables for the PCB manufacturing industry as well as other markets...

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Rogers’ RF Materials Pave the Way for Autonomous Vehicles - Rogers Corporation is a leading global provider of RF laminate material solutions including RO3003G2™ and RO4830™ laminates for 77 GHz and 24 GHz radar and V2X communications, enabling autonomous driving functions. Our high frequency testing, design and technical service experts are an integral part of the Rogers' global support team, collaborating with our customers to support the future of autonomous vehicles from design inception to full scale manufacturing.

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A Fight to the Physics

Lately, we’ve heard quite a few design experts say, “PCB design is all about physics. Designers should focus more on understanding the laws of physics and less on circuit theory.” Perhaps designers should return to the fundamentals of electrical and electromagnetic theory—pioneers such as James Maxwell, Georg Ohm, and Joseph Fourier...

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  • The Physics of PCB Design, a conversation with Eric Bogatin
  • My Experience With Maxwell, by Happy Holden
  • Electronics vs. Physics: Why Vias Don’t Get Hot, by Doug Brooks and Johannes Adam
  • Forget What You Were Taught, by Barry Olney
  • Fitting Physics to Fact, by Martyn Gaudion
  • Physics, Electrical Engineering, and PCB Design, by Tamara Jovanovic
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