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April 18, 2019 

PCB Design is All in the Family with Nicole Pacino

Andy Shaughnessy, Design007 Magazine

Some PCB designers warn their children never even to consider designing PCBs for a living, but some designers like to pass down their talents to their offspring. Nicole Pacino is one such offspring.

I shared a flight with Nicole on the way to Altium Live in Munich, and she mentioned that her father was speaking at the show. In Germany, I asked Nicole to tell us about how she got into this industry, and what we could do to draw more young people into this career.

Andy Shaughnessy: I’m here at AltiumLive Munich with Nicole Pacino, a design team leader with Cobham, a defense contractor... More >

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Words of Advice: Flex Design Challenges

In a recent survey, we asked the following question: What are your biggest problems related to flex design? Here are just a few of the answers, edited slightly for clarity.

  1. The signal integrity of signal paths through both flex and rigid parts of rigid-flex PCBs.
  2. Understanding how to design a flexible PCB that is easily manufacturable and robust.
  3. None. We design them correctly!
  4. Mechanical dimensioning and sizing to fit the required application.
  5. Our designers need to learn more about the FPC fab
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MakeHarvard 2019: Bigger and Better!

Bob Tise and Dave Baker, Sunstone Circuits

Sunstone Circuits was eager to return to MakeHarvard as a sponsor and creator of a competition category this year, also serving as both mentors and competition judges. If you were there, you saw us—we were hard to miss in our bright orange vests. As mentors, we were out and about helping students and answering questions.

The second annual MakeHarvard engineering makeathon was a huge success. The event brought over 370 top students from around the world to compete for prizes while building engineering prototypes. It was great to see such a diverse representation of different nations, cultures, and languages. The 2019 event was twice as large as last year, making everything seem bigger and better... More >

A Few Simple Lessons in Designing Reliable 3D Flex
Joe Fjelstad
The New Frontier of Manufacturing
Steve Williams
This Month's Jobs
Printed Circuit Board Solutions: Opportunities Await

APCT, a leading manufacturer of printed circuit boards, has experienced rapid growth over the past year and has multiple opportunities for highly skilled individuals looking to join a progressive and growing company...

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Technical Service Engineer (PCB Process Engineer)

Plano, Texas

To provide expert technical advice on production and engineering issues in the application of solder mask and other Taiyo products...

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More Job Opportunities >
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The Future of Design Data

We’ve all heard quite a bit of chatter about smart manufacturing over the past few years. Everyone involved in designing, fabricating and assembling PCBs wants to get on board. But what does this mean for CAD data? What do designers need to do differently to take full advantage of smart technologies?


Get Smart! by Andy Shaughnessy
Smart Design Data Is Essential for Industry 4.0 Manufacturing
by Patrick McGoff and David Wiens, Mentor, a Siemens Business
Standards-driven, Digital Design Flow for Industry 4.0 by Michael Ford, Aegis Software
Automation and the Smart Factory: Introduction to Industry 4.0 by Happy Holden
XNC Format: Gerber Takes Data into the Future, by Denis Morin, Karel Tavernier, Jean-Pierre Charras, and Marius Matioc
XPLM: Using PLM to Integrate ECAD and MCAD Data, a conversation with Robert Huxel, XPLM

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