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DDR3/4 Fly-by Topology Termination and Routing
DDR3/4 fly-by topology is similar to daisy chain or multi-drop topology, but it includes very short stubs to each memory device in the chain to reduce the reflections. The advantage of fly-by topology is that it supports higher-frequency operation and improves signal integrity and timing on heavily loaded signals. If you are employing high-frequency DDR4, then the bandwidth of the channel needs to be as high as possible. However, with today’s extremely fast edge rates, the sequencing of the stubs and the end termination, and the associate load, can make a measurable difference in signal quality. In this month’s column I will look at how best to route DDR3/4 fly-by topology.


Lightning Speed Laminates: Considerations for Comparing Material Data Sheets
The same piece of material can be tested in two different tests and achieve two different Dk values, and both values may be correct. One reason why that statement can be true is since most materials used in the PCB industry are anisotropic, which means that the Dk is not the same on different axes. Some test methods will evaluate the material in the z-axis (thickness axis) only and other test methods will evaluate the x-y plane of the material for the Dk property. When a material is anisotropic, there should be a different Dk in the z-axis than in the x-y plane.

See how real-time DFM check violations are shown in the PCB design canvas to let you find and fix errors now, not later. Allegro® PCB DesignTrue DFM technology in the Allegro PCB Editor provides a wide set of checks to ensure the manufacturability of your designs. Watch demo now.


3D Convergence of Multiboard PCB and IC Packaging Design
A new generation of 3D multiboard product-level design tools offer major improvements by managing multiboard placement in both 2D and 3D, and enabling co-design of the chip, package and board in a single environment. Multiboard design makes it possible to create and validate a design with any combination of system-on-chips (SOCs), packages, and PCBs as a complete system. Chip-package-board co-design enables designers to optimize routability via pin assignment and I/O placement to minimize layer counts between the package, chip and board. The new design methodology makes it possible to deliver more functional, higher performing and less expensive products to market in less time.


EIPC 50th Anniversary Conference
As the 2018 EIPC 50th Anniversary Conference came to a close in Dusseldorf, Germany, Barry Matties met with Chairman Alun Morgan to look back at how far the EIPC has come in the past 50 years and say goodbye to Michael Weinhold, longtime director and industry veteran, who announced his retirement at this year’s event.


Design News & Additional Information

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Who are the next-gen PCB designers? When was the last time you even met a young PCB designer? Young people are starting to discover our industry again, but not in the numbers that we need.

IPC: Lead Added to EU REACH Candidate List of SVHCs
The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) added lead metal on its Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs), on 27 June 2018, owing to its properties as a reprotoxic substance.

Siemens and Synopsys Team Up to Expand and Extend EDA Collaboration
Siemens PLM Software and Synopsys, Inc. today announced that they have agreed to collaborate on a wide range of electronic design automation (EDA) product interoperability projects for the benefit of their mutual customers. The collaboration spans a number of EDA domains from design to verification.

Zuken CR-8000 2018 Boosts Process Efficiency
The latest release of Zuken’s system-level PCB design environment, CR-8000 2018, has received numerous enhancements aimed at ensuring performance, quality and manufacturability. Today’s most advanced PCB technologies including high-density and high-speed, multi-board designs, have unique requirements. CR-8000 2018 has delivered new solutions to address these requirements.

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