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June 20, 2019 

Design for the Unknown

Kelly Dack, CID+, EPTAC

Our industry loves DFx, also known as the “Design Fors.” As PCB designers, we not only design for manufacturability (DFM) but we design for assembly, reliability, cost, test, and many more factors which we like to lump together as DFx. But now, I think it’s time we embrace a new DFx: Design for the Unknown, or DFU.

I’m a firm believer that electronics development really does start with the PCB designer. I am a big fan of Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I especially like to practice habit No. 2 when beginning a new PCB project: Start with the end in mind... More >

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Words of Advice: Where Do You Get Involved in the Design Process?

In a recent survey, we asked the following question: Where in the process do you typically get involved with a design project?? Here are a few of the answers, edited slightly for clarity.

  1. At the schematic.
  2. Making library parts, and then generally not until most of the schematic is complete.
  3. During layout.
  4. During planning.
  5. When “they” decide what it is that “they” want.
Common Sources of BOM Rejection and How to Prevent Them
BOM denied. Redesign required. Dreaded words to any engineering team. Obsolete parts, RoHS / REACH compliance issues, inadequate stock, almost every engineer has been bitten by one of these issues at some point. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. Download this ebook to learn about the common causes of BOM rejection and how to prevent these issues in the future.
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The Bare (Board) Truth: Fabrication Starts With Solid Design Practices

Mark Thompson, Prototron Circuits

It’s a fact: Great board design is the key to a great PCB. I’m even more certain of this after spending two days in a wonderful class presented by Rick Hartley titled “Control of Noise, EMI, and Signal Integrity in High-speed Circuits and PCBs.” Several times during Rick’s presentation, I wanted to slap myself in the forehead and say, “I should have had a V-8!”

More >
The Shaughnessy Report: Everything Starts with the Designer
Andy Shaughnessy
Tim's Takeaways: Rules Keep You from Crossing the Line
Tim Haag
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We believe in caring about our people because they are our greatest asset. CML works with multicultural stakeholders daily to achieve more and bring them the best solutions...

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Everything Starts with Design

Designers were once seen as little more than electronic techs. Now, many designers are starting to realize the power they wield over the whole electronics process. As you’ll learn in this issue, there are plenty of little things that a designer can do to help make the board easier to fabricate and assemble, and even influence the profitability of the final product...

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Everything Starts With Design by Andy Shaughnessy
Fabrication Starts With Solid Design Practices, by Mark Thompson, CID+, Prototron Circuits
Design is a Pivotal Piece of the Puzzle, an interview with Julie Ellis, TTM Technologies
It All Comes Down to Documentation, an interview with Al Gaines, HiGain Design Services
Design for the Unknown, by Kelly Dack, CID+, EPTAC
Clear Communication Takes the Cake, by Tim Haag, consultant
Technically Appropriate Material Choices are Key to Design Success, an interview with Mike Creeden, San Diego PCB Design

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