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August 4, 2022 

New Book from I-Connect007 Examines Evolution of Electronics Industry NPI


The Electronics Industry’s Guide to… The Evolving PCB NPI Process is the first book in I-Connect007’s new The Electronics Industry’s Guide to… technical series. This valuable resource is for all segments of the electronics interconnect industry.

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Dana on Data: Time for a Data Format Revolution

Dana Korf, Korf Consultancy LLC

Starting in the 1950s, the Gerber data format, complemented with several paper and electronic files, was used to transfer the physical PCB data from designers to fabricators and assemblers. RS-274-D and RS-274X gave us incremental improvements to the Gerber format, but still required several additional files to transfer all the data. IPC-D-356 was released in 1992 to provide a data transfer quality check. The 274X format with associated file, are still the most predominant data transfer package in use today, 70+ years later. Hard to believe from the highest technology industry on the planet.

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Sharpen Your PCB Designer Skills in 2022
The All New 2022 Class Schedule is Here for the Most in Demand IPC/PCB Designer Certification online or in person! Now you have the opportunity to access and obtain the industry’s leading PCB certifications from the safety and comfort of your home or office. Choose from a number of convenient dates or schedule a dedicated online class for your firm. Powered by the Folks at EPTAC. Learn more now.

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Tim’s Takeaways: Manufacturing Documentation—Keep the Builder in Mind

Tim Haag, First Page Sage

It was the end of May, which among other things, meant that the Major League Baseball season was once again in full swing (pun intended). While my wife was happily settled into the couch with her Seattle Mariners cap, T-shirt, blanket, and coffee mug cheering on J.P Crawford and the rest of the team, I re-watched “Field of Dreams,” and was again mesmerized by the voice that speaks to Kevin Costner’s character: “If you build it, they will come.” As circuit board designers, it’s probably not all that unusual to hear similar voices speaking to us, especially after staring at a layout for hours, and hours, and hours. But in our case, the message is typically a little different, and sounds more like, “If you document it correctly, they will build it.”

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This Month's Jobs
Sales Representatives

Prototron Circuits, a market-leading, quick-turn PCB manufacturer located in Tucson, AZ, is looking for sales representatives for the New England and Northern California territories...

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Technical Support Applications Engineer – Full-Time

Location: Duluth, GA

Koh Young Technology, founded in 2002 in Seoul, South Korea, is the world leader in 3D measurement-based inspection technology for electronics manufacturing...

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Rogers’ RF Materials Pave the Way for Autonomous Vehicles - Rogers Corporation is a leading global provider of RF laminate material solutions including RO3003G2™ and RO4830™ laminates for 77 GHz and 24 GHz radar and V2X communications, enabling autonomous driving functions. Our high frequency testing, design and technical service experts are an integral part of the Rogers' global support team, collaborating with our customers to support the future of autonomous vehicles from design inception to full scale manufacturing.

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Field Solvers

When we first started planning this issue on field solvers, one thing became clear right away: Field solvers can be fairly difficult tools to use, even for veteran SI specialists, and it’s even tougher to make sure that you’re using the correct data so that you get the results that you need...

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With Field Solvers, GIGO Hurts, by Andy Shaughnessy
Surveying the Land of Field Solvers, a conversation with Todd Westerhoff and Bill Hargin
The Great Divide in PCB Simulation Software, by Zach Peterson
Field Solver Finesse for Modelling Transmission Lines by Martyn Gaudion
Cadence Provides “Clarity” in Design Tool, a conversation with Brad Griffin
2D Field Solver—An Essential Tool for High-Speed PCB Design, by Barry Olney
The Practical Side of Using EM Solvers, by Heidi Barnes

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