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April 8, 2021 

Polar Instruments Driven by Customer Demand

Andy Shaughnessy, Design007 Magazine

Andy Shaughnessy recently spoke with Geoffrey Hazelett, vice president of sales for Polar Instruments, about the virtual IPC APEX EXPO and the eventual return of live trade shows and conferences. They also discussed some of the company’s newest releases, many of which came about through customer demand... More >

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With Flex, Sometimes You Gotta Break the Rules

Tony Plemel, Flexible Circuit Technologies

Sometimes in life, we need to break the rules. For example, in junior high I had a curfew but to have my first kiss, I had to break curfew. I got grounded, but it was worth it!

My last article was about reasons to follow IPC design and inspection rules. This time, we are discussing instances where, due to complex requirements, customers are not always able to follow the rules. I will also discuss some design options that will hopefully keep you from “getting grounded.”

Here are a few examples of when a customer would need to stretch the rules and supersede IPC-2223 and IPC-6013... More >


Rogers’ RF Materials Pave the Way for Autonomous Vehicles - Rogers Corporation is a leading global provider of RF laminate material solutions including RO3003G2™ and RO4830™ laminates for 77 GHz and 24 GHz radar and V2X communications, enabling autonomous driving functions. Our high frequency testing, design and technical service experts are an integral part of the Rogers' global support team, collaborating with our customers to support the future of autonomous vehicles from design inception to full scale manufacturing.

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PCB Sourcing Using PCQR2

Al Block, Naji Norder, and Chris Joran, National Instruments

In a global market, it is often difficult to determine the best PCB suppliers for your technology needs, while also achieving the lowest costs for your products. Considering each PCB supplier has their own niche in terms of equipment, process, and performance, uniform test data from the IPC-9151D Process Capability, Quality, and Relative Reliability (PCQR2) Benchmark Test Standard can help find the right source for the board based on its specific technology requirements... More >

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Customer Service Representative, UK

We are looking to expand our UK Customer Service/Internal Sales team. As Customer Service Representative you will provide great sales and customer service support and respond to the needs of clients from industries including Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and Pharmaceutical...

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Field Sales Representative

Field Sales Representative serves as lead sales contact and customer advocate to maintain existing sales and to drive new qualifications and sales of products and services through effective account management and coordination of efforts throughout Indium Corporation’s Metals, Compounds, Solar and Reclaim (MCSR) organization...

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Prevent SI/PI Design Issues Before
They Happen

Identify and resolve PI and SI issue at any stage of your design with Sigrity Aurora. Real-time, overlaid simulation results allow you to quickly analyze, identify issues, and verify fixes from within a shared PCB design and analysis platform. Experience true, electrically-aware design from start to finish with best-in-class Sigrity and Allegro engines. See how.

Current Design007 Magazine Table of Contents

The Simulation Issue

When we started speaking with SI experts for this issue, we were surprised to find that there were several schools of thought regarding simulation. Should you try to get by without simulating your design and only call a third-party consultant when it’s almost too late? Should your company invest in a simulation tool, which also means hiring someone with years of experience to operate it? Or should you eliminate the need for simulation from the start by managing your electromagnetic fields properly?

Download the PDF of this magazine to your library.


  • Barry Olney’s High-Speed Simulation Primer, Interview with Barry Olney
  • Bridging the Simulation Tool Divide, Interview with Todd Westerhoff
  • Simulation Stackup and Signal Integrity, by Martyn Gaudion
  • Why We Simulate, by Bill Hargin
  • Alternatives to Simulation, by Dan Beeker
  • Using Simulation Software to Assist With PCB Design, by John Coonrod
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