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The Bare (Board) Truth: Hey, They’re Just Vias—or Are They?
I get this phone call once a week: “Mark, what is the smallest mechanical via that can be done by your company?” I reply, “What will the tolerance for the vias in question be?” If they say, “Oh, your standard +/-.003” tolerances,” I must tell them the min via would be around .0078” with a signal pad of at least .014” and an anti-pad of at least .018”. What if they don't have that kind of room?


Trouble in Your Tank: Via Formation and Drilling Mechanics, Part 1
In the extensive process of printed circuit board fabrication, one of the steps involves mechanically drilling through-hole vias. Via formation is then followed by desmear and metallization. The quality of the through-hole drilling process (and by inference the quality of the drilled through-hole) or lack thereof will also impact the desmear and metalization processes.

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The Shaughnessy Report: The Hole Truth
For such a simple structure, the PCB via certainly stirs up more than its share of intrigue. The via is another one of those topics that pop up in our reader surveys when we ask about your ongoing challenges. And it’s not just the blind and buried vias that draw readers’ attention. Something as basic as a hole drilled through a circuit board can generate a whole lot of controversy.


Standard of Excellence: RF Microwave Technology—The Future is Now
Although RF/microwave technology has been around for a considerable amount of time, many people are still not sure exactly what it is. This month, I am going to dedicate my column to explaining exactly what it is, why it is used, and in what products is it used. I’ll also discuss who needs it.


Design News & Additional Information

A Scientific Response to Mr. Laminate Tells All
We read with interest Doug Sober’s recent Mr. Laminate Tells All column, "The Certification of IPC-4101D Polyimide Base Materials: Buyer Beware." The article raises interesting questions about the IPC 4101 classification system, primarily, how is a pure resin defined?

PCB Design Software Market Expected to Expand at a Steady CAGR Through 2026
The global PCB design software market is anticipated to grow from US$ 1,409.3 Mn in 2016 to US$ 4,755.1 Mn by 2026, registering a CAGR of 12.9% in terms of revenue during the forecast period (2016-2026).

North American PCB Book-to-Bill Ratio Climbs to 1.08 in October
IPC has released the October 2016 findings from its monthly North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program. The PCB book-to-bill ratio continued to strengthen, climbing to 1.08, while sales and orders were both down in October.

Leadership in Your Company: Something to Worry About?
Leadership is an ingredient that most feel is important, even though many find it is hard to define. Some say that you will know good leadership when you see it. In this article, Tom Borkes of The Jefferson Project discusses the role of leadership, and how it can be taught in the academia.

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