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February 21, 2019 

Natasha Baker: Supply Chain Transparency Inside the CAD Tool

Nolan Johnson, PCB007

Natasha Baker, CEO and founder of SnapEDA, an online parts library, discusses the benefits of transparency in online libraries to designers, and discusses strategies on how to solve supply chain challenges, and more.

Nolan Johnson: Natasha, can you give us an overview of what your company does?

Natasha Baker: My company is SnapEDA. We launched in 2013 and built the internet's first parts library for circuit board design. SnapEDA is a place for engineers to access the libraries they need to build PCBs. Users can drag and drop symbols, footprints, and 3D models right from our website... More >

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Words of Advice: What Concerns you About the Future?

In a recent survey, we asked the following question: What concerns do you have about the future? Here are just a few of the answers, edited slightly for clarity:

  1. US government regulations.
  2. Overcapacity.
  3. That we’re in a bubble growth.
  4. The lack of technician-level workers entering the electronics field.
  5. Design and simulation software that can’t keep up with demands.

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Selecting the Right Board Thickness—A PCB Designer’s Balancing Act

Bob Tise and Dave Baker, Sunstone Circuits

Choosing wisely is critical for PCB quality and performance, but it can be tricky depending on size constraints, functional requirements, and environmental factors. While we sometimes have a general idea about assembly requirements or how the board will be used, there can still be a lot of unanswered questions as we begin the manufacturing process. After all, there’s a big difference between a PCB going into a drone and a PCB that will be part of a submersible drone and needs to be the size of a tennis ball, withstand intense heat or cold, and function forty fathoms below the surface.

More >
The Shaughnessy Report: Beating Supply Chain Blues
Andy Shaughnessy
Standard of Excellence: Seven Things Your PCB Vendor Can Teach You
Team ASC
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The Supply Chain Shortage

The component shortage is getting crazy. Some PCB designers are finding their favorite capacitors on 50-week and 80-week lead times, or worse. How do you design a board today when the components you need won’t be available for a year or more?


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