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Quiet Power: Evaluating Evaluation Boards
Evaluation boards are very helpful. Manufacturers of complex circuits such as DC-DC converters provide boards with those circuits ready to try out, saving us time and effort to design the printed circuit board around them. Evaluation boards are supposed to help us to understand the capabilities of the device. But with the many potential user applications, what should a particular user expect and look for in an evaluation board? We need to know how to properly evaluate an evaluation board.


John Cardone on Designing Flex for Spacecraft
If you watched footage of the Mars rover driving all over the red planet, you’re familiar with some of John Cardone’s handiwork. He’s been designing rigid, flex, and rigid-flex circuitry for spacecraft since he joined JPL in the early ‘80s, and he’s worked on some of the more ground-breaking flex circuits along the way. Now John runs his own design service bureau, JMC Design Services, and he continues to design circuitry for things that blast off. I caught up with John recently and asked him to give us the straight scoop on designing boards for spacecraft.

EMA Enterprise Connect: PLM Integration between ECAD and EDA Systems - According to a report by the Aberdeen group, Best-in-Class companies are 50% more likely than their competitors to link PCB data with their PLM systems; which reduces time to market, prevents errors and data loss, and much more. The EMA Enterprise Connect enables seamless integration between your PCB design environment and the PLM, MRP, ERP systems driving overall product development and management. Learn More.


Saline Lectronics Invests in the Millennial Generation
You're heard all the knocks against millennials: they're flaky job-hoppers and they're tough to motivate. But Saline Lectronics has a larger presence of these younger employees, and they find quite a few advantages to hiring staff who are far from retirement age. Saline's Jason Sciberra explains how he manages and motivates these young people.


Prototron Adding a Variety of Services and Certifications
Editor Judy Warner and Prototron Sales Manager Russ Adams discuss Prototron's new capabilities and certifications. The company recently added via fill and limited flex services, and is ready to pull the trigger on AS9100 once the new rev is finalized.


Design News & Additional Information

PADS Paper: Solving High-Speed Design Challenges with DRC
Coping with signal integrity (SI) and electromagnetic interface (EMI) issues are a daily challenge for PCB design engineers. Avoid end-product problems, such as emissions testing failures or signal-integrity-related failures, by using design rule checks (DRCs). This PADS paper reviews the common causes of SI/EMI challenges and how they can be easily identified.

Shengyi Launches High-Performance, Low-Loss RF/Microwave Material
Shengyi Technology has announced the availability of AeroWave. AeroWave is a high reliability, cost-effective material system targeted towards auto radar (24GHz.), base station transceivers, power amplifiers, telemetry devices and antenna systems.

IPC Releases PCB Industry Results for August 2016
IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries announced today the August 2016 findings from its monthly North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program.

SoloPCB-Designer Reaches Download Milestone
SoloPCB-Designer 2.0, the free PCB design software reached a milestone today when the 5,000th download of the software was completed.

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