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July 11, 2019 

Identifying Product Board Class and Pre-quote Software

Mark Thompson, CID, Prototron Circuits

Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of The Printed Circuit Designer’s Guide to... Producing the Perfect Data Package

Deciding on the class of the final product will determine what files are needed for fabrication and assembly. It is critical to note that for a product to be built to any class level, it must be designed to that class level from its inception.

Standards and Specifications

Let’s review the various PCB classes as defined by IPC—Association Connecting Electronics Industries. IPC is the trade association for the electronics industry that provides standards, training and certification, market research, education, and public policy advocacy to support all facets of the industry, including design, PCB manufacturing, and electronics assembly.

First, understand that IPC has different specifications depending on the PCB type. ... More >

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Words of Advice: What are Your Biggest Problems Related to Flex Design?

In a recent survey, we asked the following question: What are your biggest problems related to flex design? Here are a few of the answers, edited slightly for clarity:

  1. We are lagging in technology.
  2. None…design them correctly!
  3. Stress cracking in FPC ZIF fingers.
  4. We need to work more closely with our FPC fab vendors.
  5. Signal integrity of signal paths through the flex and rigid parts of the PCB.
If It’s Not Real-Time, It’s Overtime.
With highspeed designs becoming more complicated and project deadlines getting tighter, identifying and addressing design errors as they occur is critical to design and manufacturing success. OrCAD is the only tool with Real-Time PCB Design which gives you the capability to do this, so you know exactly what to expect come sign-off time. Use real-time design insights in OrCAD to go from prototype to production in less time; no respins required. Learn More Today.
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Tim's Takeaways: Clear Communication Takes the Cake

Tim Haag, Consultant

Whether baking a cake or building a circuit board, it’s all about clear communication. If the person writing the recipe had not made the choice to clearly communicate what their intentions were for baking that cake, I would have been lost. A missing ingredient here or an incorrect oven temperature there and my birthday surprise would have ended up in the garbage in the same way a successfully built circuit board starts with clear communication from the designer. Circuit board manufacturers want to create a perfect PCB for you, but they can only do so to the extent of the instructions that you give them.

More >
The PCB Norsemen: From Wooden Huts to Homemade Go-karts—It All Starts With Design!
Team Elmatica
Powerful Prototypes: The Ideal Bill of Materials
Duane Benson
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Technical Account Manager – Chicago/Minneapolis

Insulectro, the largest national distributor of printed circuit board materials, is seeking a talented sales superstar for a Technical Account Manager role based out of either our Chicago or Minneapolis office...

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Assistant Dept. Mgr., Operations - Carson City, NV

This is an entry-level professional management trainee position. Upon completion of a 1–2-year apprenticeship, this position will be elevated to facility/operations manager...

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The Printed Circuit Designer's Guide to... Flex and Rigid-Flex Fundamentals
This concise and highly useful book on flexible circuits from American Standard Circuits was written to provide circuit designers, both new and seasoned, with valuable and important information that will help to assure their first pass success in getting their products to market. Download your free copy now!
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Reliability & Vias

This month, we look into the secret life of vias as the culprit for failures, starting with an article by Greg Ziraldo, director of operations at Advanced Assembly. He explains how to design vias for maximum reliability, echoing the idea that “When it comes to vias, bigger is better...

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PCB Reliability: Via Design, by Greg Ziraldo, Advanced Assembly
The Difference Between Quality and Reliability, a conversation with consultant Denny Fritz
IPC Reliability Forum Wrap-up, a conversation with IPC’s Brook Sandy-Smith
Altium Designer 19.0 Features Printed Electronics Design Functions, a conversation with Nikolay Ponomarenko, Altium
Mentor Tools: Optimized for Flex and Rigid-flex Design, a conversation with David Wiens, Mentor, a Siemens business
Development of Flexible Hybrid Electronics, by Weifeng Liu, et at, Flex
26 Meters of Flex! a conversation with Philip Johnston and Jake Kelly, Trackwise Designs

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