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October 22, 2020 

Real Time with… AltiumLive Europe: 21st-Century Tools Keynote

Pete Starkey, I-Connect007

“Good morning, Europe!” Altium VP of Marketing Lawrence Romine said as he introduced the European edition of Altium’s PCB design conference—established as an annual must-attend event, but for 2020 presented in a virtual format. Bright-eyed, energetic, clean-shaven, and speaking from the U... More >

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Figure It Out: Effective Collaboration Tools for Post-COVID-19 Engineering

Dugan Karnazes, Velocity Research

As far as engineers in the electronics industry go, I’m still on the young side, with 10 years of experience compared to the veterans of the industry. I’ve been around long enough, however, to understand firsthand the struggles that organizations (large and small) go through when they’re designing their own electronics. I’ll bet my last 555 timer that a lot of you have run into these scenarios: the Wizard, the Wishful, and the Wise. These scenarios are exaggerated for the points I’m going to make, but they’re designed to resonate with the experienced.

The Wizard is the sole master of all things electronics for the organization... More >


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Real Time with… AltiumLive: Eric Bogatin on Unlearning What You’ve Learned

Andy Shaughnessy, Design007 Magazine

The second day of the virtual AltiumLive 2020 event got off to a great start with a class by Dr. Eric Bogatin. It was officially titled “You Must Unlearn What You’ve Learned,” but it could have just as easily been called “Designing Interconnect That Sucks Less... More >


Real Time with… AltiumLive 2020: Early Communication Key to Success of OSV Project

I-Connect007 Editorial Team

Rob Cooke, director of engineering at Calumet Electronics, discusses his role in the Open Source Ventilator (OSV) project that yielded ventilator PCBs in record time. He and project partners Dugan Karnazes of Velocity Research and Chris Denney of Worthington Assembly recounted this story during a panel at the virtual AltiumLive... More >

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Even the most experienced hikers can get lost if they don’t have a map. The same holds true in the world of PCB design and manufacturing—if your company doesn’t have a technology roadmap, it’s hard to know where you’re going technologically...
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