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June 15, 2021 

Adventures in Engineering: The Ecosystem of Autonomous Flight

Chris Young, Young Engineering Services

Autonomous flight is the ability of an aircraft to act independently to complete a mission or achieve a goal. It is downright exhilarating to see the emergence of technology that facilitates the realization of a self-flying aircraft let alone the possibility of an ecosystem to support and grow this upcoming revolution in avionics. To be clear, autonomous flight is here, it has been done, the achievement has been accomplished... More >

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Airbus Establishes Zero-Emission Development Centers in Germany and France

Airbus Group

Airbus has decided to concentrate its efforts for metallic hydrogen tanks in a complementary setup by creating Zero-Emission Development Centres (ZEDC) at its sites in Bremen (Germany) and in Nantes (France). The goal of the ZEDC is to achieve cost-competitive cryogenic tank manufacturing to support the successful future market launch of ZEROe and to accelerate the development of hydrogen-propulsion technologies...

More >


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