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To Clean or No Clean?

The addition of a cleaning process to your manufacturing line will amount to an added 5–6 cents per board produced. Mike Konrad of Aqueous Technologies believes that is a small price to pay for the added value, testing, and reduced liability and insurance that a cleaning solution can provide; however, he admits cleaning isn’t for everyone.

Hand Soldering: The Move Toward Automation

At the recent NEPCON event in Shanghai, JBC's Domingo Taberner discussed with I-Connect007's Barry Matties the hand soldering market in China, the move towards automation, the greatest challenges their customers have in soldering, and what to know about choosing the right temperature and tip.

The Reliability Factor in Solder Paste Printing

In an interview with SMT Magazine, Knoll Evangelista of EMS firm EMS Components Assembly Inc. speaks about the solder paste printing challenge, what factors impact the process, and best practices to consider.

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Blackfox is your #1 Source for Online Training Materials
Why spend 100's of hours and thousands of dollars developing courses when all you have to do is simply download exceptional training programs from Blackfox! From hand soldering to mechanical assembly, we have the courses to fit your company's needs. Our materials are packaged individually by course or divided into bundles by shop floor function so you only pay for what you need. Click NOW for a full list of available courses.

     • Science & Technology

New, Better Way to Build Circuits for World’s First Useful Quantum Computers
The new technique uses both laser light and microwaves to precisely control the switching of selected individual qubits from one quantum state to another without altering the states of the other atoms in the cubic array. The new technique demonstrates the potential use of atoms as the building blocks of circuits in future quantum computers.

Newly Created 'Sandwich Rings' Could Lead to Better Computers
Ferrocene is a molecule that was discovered in the 1950s. It is made up of two rings of hydrogen and carbon bound either side of an iron atom. This and other ‘sandwich compounds’ have unique properties that have led to their widespread use as industrial catalysts, pharmaceuticals, and fuel additives.

New Discovery in Semiconductor Physics
A University of Tokyo research group found anomalous behavior, which is opposite to the current understanding in solid-state physics. When a semiconductor becomes ferromagnetic by doping magnetic atoms, the order of the electron waves is suddenly restored in the semiconductor.

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Minimize cycle time in hand soldering applications. ALPHA® Telecore HF-850 is a fast-wetting, low-spattering, halogen and halide-free cored wire that performs admirably against halogen and halide containing competitive products. Operator-friendly while maintaining high levels of productivity, its clear residue allows for easy inspection of solder joints and the very low spatter rate ensures board cosmetics and user comfort are maintained Learn more at AlphaAssembly.com.

     • SMT007 News

Mycronic Lands New Order for an FPS Mask Writer

Mycronic AB has received order for an FPS mask writer within the multi-purpose segment from a new customer in Asia. The system is scheduled for delivery during the first half year of 2017.

Scienscope Expands Demo and Service Facility

Scienscope International, a complete inspection solutions provider, today announced that it has expanded its facility in Chino by adding an additional 6,000 ft2. The new space primarily will be used to expand the company’s demo room.

STI Acquires New AOI System from Nordson YESTECH

TI Electronics, Inc., a full service organization providing training services, training materials, analytical/failure analysis, prototyping, and small-to-medium volume contract PCB assembly, is pleased to announce that it has acquired a new Nordson YESTECH FX-940 ULTRA 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system.

ACE to Host Solderability and Lead Tinning Workshop in Arizona on August 10
ACE Production Technologies Inc.'s ACE Component Services group, in conjunction with Phase 4 Inc., will host a solderability testing and component lead tinning workshop in Arizona on August 10.

Hisco Partners with Alpha Assembly Solutions on New Soldering Webinar Series
Hisco, an employee-owned, specialty distribution company serving principally the electronics, aerospace, defense and medical device markets, has partnered with Alpha Assembly Solutions, the industry leader in the production of electronic soldering and bonding materials, for a series of free soldering webinars.

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