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November 23, 2022 

Smart Factory Insights: Clinging to Best Practices in Worst-case Scenarios

Michael Ford, Aegis Software

We develop best practices to ensure consistent and optimal operational performance, quality, and consistency. The nemesis of this activity is change, which leads to those best practices becoming stale and eventually becoming shackles to the operation. We must take a more modern approach to best practices, one that embraces the ability to change, and is flexible and adaptable to cope with the unexpected (which are actually expected) issues. Knowing how to create change-centric manufacturing best practices comes from experience.

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SMT Perspectives and Prospects: Cybersecurity Requires an Active Approach

Dr. Jennie Hwang, H-Technologies Group

I last wrote about cybersecurity nearly 10 years ago in my column, “Cybersecurity—from Boardroom to Factory Floor.” So, where do we stand on cybersecurity? As the digital world continues pushing ahead, it comes with new challenges in the cyberspace. Individual systems and/or infrastructure systems are subject to attacks by increasingly savvy adversaries who can leverage new and emerging technologies. A cyberattack can be surreptitiously detrimental, crippling business operation, the national economy and security, or just jeopardizing an individual laptop. This pervasive and persistent security threat is one of the most formidable challenges of our times.

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Blackfox: The World’s Premier IPC Training & Certification Center
Blackfox Training Institute offers training & certification in all 6 IPC certification programs covering all aspects of electronics manufacturing. Certification is available for all levels including Operator (CIS), Standards Expert (CSE) and Trainer (CIT) in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Chinese. Blackfox Master IPC Trainers have hundreds of years of combined manufacturing experience to ensure the highest level of content delivery and expertise. Experience the Blackfox difference today!

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X-Rayted Files: Battery-Powered Advancements Keep on Ticking

Bill Cardoso, Creative Electron

Understanding that batteries will power our increasingly electrified future is an important focus for the electronics manufacturing industry. While most manufacturers will simply benefit from an increased demand for additional boards and electronic assemblies, some may choose to migrate into battery production as well. Understanding batteries and how they power so many of the devices we make is crucial to the success of this enterprise.

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Test Engineer, Electronics Engineer and Senior PCB Designer

Keytronic is a dynamic, team-based contract manufacturer with facilities worldwide. Innovation defines us. Come join us in Spokane, Washington! We invite you to bring your engineering expertise and passion for excellence...

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Technical Sales Representative

We are an established distributor that represents manufacturing equipment and specialty consumables for the PCB manufacturing industry as well as other markets...

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Workflow Management

One of the most expressed struggles in electronics assembly today is the constant fluctuation of component availability. Don’t get us wrong; component availability is not the root cause, it’s simply the symptom that is the most obvious and painful at the moment...

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  • Laying It on the Line Interview with Jason Sciberras
  • Your Shortage is Someone Else’s Excess by Chintan Sutaria
  • Material Management and Control by Davina McDonnell
  • Modern Inventory Management Secrets by Michael Ford
  • Advanced Packaging Symposium 2022 by Nolan Johnson
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