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December 1, 2021 

Now Playing: Part 3 of 'Predicting Reliability in Electronics' Micro Webinar

I-Connect007 Editorial Team

In this engaging, 11-part micro webinar series, topic experts Graham Naisbitt and Chris Hunt examine the history of the influences of Electrochemical Migration (ECM) and the evolving use of Surface Insulation Resistance Testing (SIR) that has been developed over the past 25 years by GEN3 and its association with the British National Physical Laboratory. GEN3 and NPL have created the standard that has now been in widespread use around the world since the turn of the millennium. The third episode, “ECM Examples,” can be viewed in under five minutes. Presenters share information on ECM types, including examples from Bosch, HP, and NP. Presenters also discuss ECM requirements and more.

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Design to Production Flow: DFT and Test Coverage Using Industry 4.0 Principles to Produce Good Products

William Webb, ASTER Technologies

Achieving design for test (DFT) can be challenging for both design and test groups, as sometimes both expect that the other will be the one to manage DFT. The design and test groups might be in the same organization, or they could be an OEM vs. an EMS company. It works best if both the design and test groups are engaged in the process of DFT and trying to achieve the goal of the best test coverage and lowest rate of field returns.

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Manncorp’s Newly Available, Innovative, Time-Saving Feeders
KFTA3D feeders have a built-in display for reviewing quantities of components, feeder slot locations, part numbers & values in real-time or offline. The 12mm feeder only uses 1 feeder slot taking up the same space as the 8mm version! What does that equate to in action? The MC388 can hold up to 256 of the 8mm or 12mm KFTA3D feeders as a batch machine (or 192 as inline). The best part? Most feeder prices are the same or less than our previous models. For more information, call Chris at 215-869-8374 or visit our website.

Featured Content

Smart Factory Insights: The Costs of Legacy Thinking

Michael Ford, Aegis Software

As humans, we learn facts, gain impressions, create solutions, put practices into place, and move onto our next challenge. Over time, our intent is to create a legacy of value, but in many cases, we are creating legacies in a different sense. Our knowledge, experience, and creations age or become superseded, but there is resistance to replace or update. An increasing gap develops between perception and reality. Younger, more agile peers take advantage, get ahead, and we look away, thinking that they don’t know what they are doing. Though a natural human phenomenon, decision-makers in manufacturing today need to bear this mind more than ever.

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Blackfox Offers In-Person and Online IPC Training and Certification - Blackfox has opened its facilities to in-person IPC Training and Certification with a thorough and documented safety plan for all. At Blackfox, we do not take working under these conditions lightly, and have made many changes to mitigate the risk of exposure in our facilities. If preferred, Blackfox also continues to offer online IPC training and certification in either English or Spanish from the comfort of your home or office. Click for more info.

This Month's Jobs
Service Engineer – Schmoll Laser and Direct Imaging

Reports to: Field Service Manager

Summary: Provide expert-level service on multiple laser drilling and direct imaging product lines...

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Applications Manager

LOCATION: Waterbury, CT/New England Region

JOB DESCRIPTION: Applications Manager in the Electronics Specialties/Circuitry Solutions group to provide applications process knowledge, training and technical support of new products leading to sales revenue growth...

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Are you making the most of your inspection data? - For companies looking to succeed in Industry 4.0--and even beyond, as we drive toward manufacturing autonomy—you will need solutions that can combine domain expertise in optical inspection (vision and software) with the ability to connect to larger systems and contribute to process improvement utilizing tools like artificial intelligence. Readers of The Printed Circuit Assembler’s Guide to SMT Inspection: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond will learn how data-driven analytics can be used to overcome production challenges and enable a smarter factory. Download this latest book in the peer-reviewed I-007eBook series.

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IPC APEX EXPO 2022 Preview

It’s the IPC APEX EXPO Preview issue! This month, we bring you show-related interviews with IPC leadership, how-to information, preshow details, and insight from industry experts...

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  • John Mitchell: Focus on the Future
  • Industry Market Drivers, Inflation and the Supply Chain with Shawn DuBravac 
  • IPC Standards Committees: Thoughts on a Changing Landscape with Teresa Rowe 
  • Francisco Fourcade: Meeting During a Pandemic with Francisco Fourcade
  • Keynotes Educate and Entertain Featuring David Pogue
  • What to Expect Regarding COVID Restrictions by Alicia Balonek 
  • The Value of Training Committees by Zenaida Vallanu
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