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November 13, 2019 

Zulki's PCB Nuggets: Multi-tier Wire Bonding—Diving Into PCB Microelectronics

Zulki Khan, NexLogic Technologies, Inc.

Ideally, OEMs should crave as much functionality as possible out of a chip or die. The chipmaker has done its job to produce ultra-functionality for a given chip generation via its design and manufacturing. But would you believe that there’s still more functionality to glean out of that chip? That’s where multi-tier wire-bonding steps into PCB microelectronics assembly to do exactly that—extract more functionality out of that already powerful chip... More >

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New Book Details Important Steps to Make Industry 4.0 a Reality - Bring your manufacturing practices into the digital age with The Printed Circuit Assembler’s Guide to… Advanced Manufacturing in the Digital Age. Author Oren Manor explores the most important steps to consider when building a digital manufacturing company. Industry 4.0 has the power to drive quantifiable industry change and transform how companies work, collaborate, and serve their customers. Download a free copy!
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SMT Stencils 101: Root-cause Stencil Design, Part 2—Tombstones

Greg Smith, BlueRing Stencils

In Part 1 of this two-part column series, I discussed how one can address the challenge of solder balls before completing a build or starting production build. In Part 2, I will explore the second challenge we often hear about: tombstoning.

Tombstoning defects on two-pin chips occur after reflow, but in many cases, can be corrected with stencil design. This process is very similar to performing a root-cause analysis to prevent solder balls in that first, the specific component drawing should be reviewed, and then the component outline created in Gerber. This Gerber representation of the component should be overlaid to the copper and mask layers to see how the part will sit in the solder paste after placement...

More >
X-Rayted Files: The Currency of Technology
Bill Cardoso
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West Software Application Engineer

This position reports directly to the Orbotech West software support manager and works with customers to support Orbotech’s pre-production software products...

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Technical Support Engineer III

The technical support engineer III is responsible for providing leading-edge, high-level technical support to Indium Corporation’s customers, potential customers, and sales staff...

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The PCB Assembler’s Guide to™… Conformal Coating for Harsh Environments
Written by Phil Kinner of Electrolube, this micro eBook addresses a myriad of conformal coating materials and process considerations for achieving reliable performance in harsh environments. Kinner simplifies the many available material types and application methods, and explains the advantages and disadvantages of each. This book is a must-read for anyone in the electronics industry who wants a better understanding of conformal coatings. Download a free copy!

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This month, we embark on a tour of the industry, capturing different perspectives and bringing them to the fore. Sometimes, the best view of an industry or a community is through individual experiences. In this issue, we talk to members of the electronics industry who were willing to share their voices and points of view...
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