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May 5, 2021 

Process Control in Solder and Reflow

Nolan Johnson, I-Connect007

Nolan Johnson speaks with KIC’s Miles Moreau to get his perspective on topics such as wave process inspection (WPI), wave solder, and vacuum reflow, and how they will fit into Industry 4.0 and smart factories.

Nolan Johnson: Miles, as general manager for EMEA, Americas, and Australia, you’re watching what’s going on in business around the globe. What are the general market trends?

Moreau: The market trends I’m seeing—and it’s been interesting the way some of this has progressed—is a change of what makes the most sense to effectively, from a global economy standpoint, produce and deliver product for the OEMs... More >

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Excerpt: The Printed Circuit Assembler’s Guide to… Smart Data, Chapter 3

Sagi Reuven and Zac Elliott, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Chapter 3: Putting Data to Work in the Factory to Improve Business
There are many different and valid perspectives on the performance of a factory. For instance, the fact that the factory is on shutdown may be significant to a planner who is concerned with overall factory capacity. However, the shutdown is less significant to the production manager, who simply wants to know if the machines will run efficiently when they are scheduled to run... More >


From Prototypes to Production: Automatic Pick & Place Machines - Improve throughput rate, quality, and speed with Manncorp Automatic Pick and Place machines. Join thousands of others who chose Manncorp as their SMT equipment supplier based on cost, capability, support, and lead time. Our fully automatic machines can build everything from prototypes to consumer products to high-reliability military and medical electronics. View our selection of Automatic Pick and Place machines.

Featured Content

Global Connections: Why We Need Wire

Cooler Cao, Cabletree Industrial Company

Wire—we cannot do without it.

Every cable has one thing in common—wire—the conductive metal strands that carry the signals and power between connectors. One would think that wire is but a simple part of a successful cable design. However, it would be a mistake to simplify the importance of correct wire design.

Wire is sized from the smallest single strand of #40 to a half-inch flexible power cable for welding with 6,000 strands of #40 copper... More >


Blackfox Offers In-Person and Online IPC Training and Certification - Blackfox has opened its facilities to in-person IPC Training and Certification with a thorough and documented safety plan for all. At Blackfox, we do not take working under these conditions lightly, and have made many changes to mitigate the risk of exposure in our facilities. If preferred, Blackfox also continues to offer online IPC training and certification in either English or Spanish from the comfort of your home or office. Click for more info.

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Plating Supervisor

Escondido, Calif.-based PCB fabricator U.S. Circuit is now hiring for the position of plating supervisor. Candidate must have a minimum of five years’ experience working in a wet process environment...

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Packaging Engineer

Job description: The Packaging Engineer designs and deploys product packaging to ensure product integrity under varying shipping conditions...

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  • The Structure Behind IPC Committees Interview with Teresa Rowe
  • IPC: Driving Our Industry for 64 Years by Dan Feinberg
  • An Inside Look at the IPC Committee Process Interview with IPC directors and program managers
  • IPC Technical Staff Liaisons—Your ‘Shepherds’ in the IPC Standards Development Process by John Perry
  • Why You Should Get Involved in IPC Standards by Chris Jorgensen
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