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RTW NEPCON South China: Mycronic Discusses Industry 4.0
At the recent NEPCON South China 2018 event in Shenzhen, Clemens Jargon, VP for Global Dispensing and Asia at Mycronic, discusses I-Connect007's Edy Yu the challenges that customers face on their journey towards Industry 4.0, and how Mycronic is addressing these issues. From jet printing to solder paste inspection, to pick-and-place, Jargon talks about their total solutions that aim to help customers take their production to the next level.

A New Standard for Standards – From Data to Information
The main challenge we have today with our manufacturing standards is that they are deterministic, such as the 30% maximum void per ball for X-ray inspection of BGAs—which determines if a BGA assembly passes or fails. This article proposes a new perspective on setting pass and fail thresholds in the manufacturing line.

Whitepaper: Electronics Cleanliness Testing
This paper investigates and compares the performance of no-clean liquid wave soldering fluxes using a commercially available localized extraction and cleanliness testing system, and surface insulation resistance (SIR) testing. Find out which test is suitable for your processes.

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     • Science & Technology

AI Helps Track Down Mysterious Cosmic Radio Bursts
Researchers at Breakthrough Listen, a SETI project led by the University of California, Berkeley, have now used machine learning to discover 72 new fast radio bursts from a mysterious source some 3 billion light years from earth.

Pristine Quantum Light Source Created at the Edge of Silicon Chip
The smallest amount of light you can have is one photon, so dim that it’s pretty much invisible to humans. While imperceptible, these tiny blips of energy are useful for carrying quantum information around.

Smartphones May Be Used to Better Predict the Weather
A recent Tel Aviv University study suggests that weather patterns that lead to flash floods may one day be tracked and anticipated by our smartphones.

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GOEPEL - OCT 23 WEBINAR - Individuality desired? Flexible Integration of AOI Systems into the THT Process -
Assessing the diversity of all components, it can be clearly noticed that THT components are still present in significant numbers despite the march toward miniaturization and increases in integration density. What are we doing to guarantee assembly quality in production when utilizing these components? This question and more will be answered during the webinar. Register Now.

     • SMT007 News

Goepel electronic Extends Embedded Board Test for Intel Arria 10 SoC
Goepel electronic has extended its embedded board test technologies ChipVORX and VarioTAP with support for the Intel Arria 10 SoC (system-on-chip).

Alpha Assembly Solutions Wins Two Awards at SMTA China South 2018
Alpha Assembly Solutions received two awards “The Best Presentation of Technology Conference One” and “SMTA China Oscar Paper 2018” at SMTA China South 2018.

Electrolube Launches Protection Solutions for Mobile Phone and Touchscreen Makers in India
Electrolube has launched a new range of electronics protection solutions for Indian mobile phone and touchscreen device manufacturers seeking high quality sealants, adhesives, protective coatings and EMI shielding material.

Mycronic Establishes Deep Learning Center with NuFlare Technology and D2S using NVIDIA Technology
Mycronic together with NuFlare Technology and D2S with support from NVIDIA, today announced the formation of the Center for Deep Learning in Electronics Manufacturing (CDLe) in San Jose, California.

New IPC Report Assesses Growth Potential in North American EMS Industry
An analysis of the market indicates that the North American EMS industry has penetrated only about 28% of the total available market based on what OEMs in the region could outsource. Forecasts contributed by New Venture Research predict steady growth for the EMS industry through 2022, both globally and in North America.

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