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Investigating Analytical Tools for Testing Cleanliness with Foresite's Eric Camden

At the recent West Penn SMTA Expo, Eric Camden, lead investigator at Foresite Inc., speaks with I-Connect007's Patty Goldman about fluxes and analytical tools for testing cleanliness, and how these impact the reliability of the assembled boards.

RTW IPC APEX EXPO: CFX - The IPC Connected Factory Initiative

David Bergman, Vice President of International Relations for IPC, speaks with I-Connect007's Pete Starkey about how the CFX format has been developed, and the excited response to the CFX Visitor Experience at the IPC APEX EXPO 2018 held in San Diego, Calif.

Device 'Dead Bugging'
"Dead bug" attachment of electronic components is a way of building functioning electronic circuits by soldering the parts directly together or by soldering miniature jumper wires between the component leads and the PCB lands instead of the traditional surface mount or through-hole soldering of components onto a PCB.

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New Pick & Place for Even More Affordable Prototyping
The new MC300, designed for startups and product developers, places 0402s and 25 mil pitch components to 28 mm x 28 mm at speeds up to 2,000 CPH. Installation and training by Manncorp technicians is available to get you up and running in no time. Free unlimited software updates and remote diagnostic capability, along with a full warranty and US-based spare parts and support, keep your investment in continuous operation. A wide variety of feeders and accessories are available to complement the included feeder package. Click for more info.

     • Science & Technology

Future Wearable Device Could Tell How We Power Human Movement
For athletes and weekend warriors alike, returning from a tendon injury too soon often ensures a trip right back to physical therapy. However, a new technology developed by University of Wisconsin–Madison engineers could one day help tell whether your tendons are ready for action.

Energy Efficiency on a Roll
A system that can recycle excess heat into electricity could help meet the increasing energy demands of a growing global population. KAUST researchers have now engineered a lightweight tubular system that can effectively harvest this abundant, clean source of energy that often goes to waste.

Strained Materials Make Cooler Superconductors
University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers have added a new dimension to our understanding of why straining a particular group of materials, called Ruddlesden-Popper oxides, tampers with their superconducting properties.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: The PCB Assembler’s Guide to… Conformal Coating for Harsh Environments - Written by Phil Kinner of Electrolube, this micro eBook addresses a myriad of conformal coating materials and process considerations for achieving reliable performance in harsh environments. Kinner simplifies the many available material types and application methods, and explains the advantages and disadvantages of each. This book is a must-read for anyone in the electronics industry who wants a better understanding of conformal coatings. Download now!

     • SMT007 News

Available Now! Flex007 Magazine: Download Today

I-Connect007 is proud to announce the premiere issue of our newest publication, Flex007 Magazine! Now available for download, this quarterly magazine is dedicated to flex system designers, electrical engineers, flex PCB designers, and anyone responsible for integrating flex into their products at the OEM/CEM level.

Mycronic Receives the Tenth Order for a Mask Writer to Replace an Old System
Mycronic AB, has received an order for a mask writer replacing an older system for the manufacture of display photomasks. The customer, located in Asia, has previously replaced older systems through Mycronic’s offering. The system is scheduled to be delivered during the third quarter of 2019.

Electrolube Announces Record Growth Worldwide
Global electro-chemicals manufacturer, Electrolube, has today announced the biggest growth figures ever recorded in the company’s 78-year history. Gross turnover for 2017 rose by an outstanding 27% compared to the previous year and the company has reported a substantially increased level of profitability.

Metcal Receives 2018 SMT China Vision Award
Metcal announces that it has been awarded a 2018 SMT China Vision Award in the category of Selective Solder for its Connection Validation (CV) Robotic Soldering System. The award was presented to the company during an April 24, 2018 ceremony at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center during NEPCON China.

Alpha Assembly Solutions and Fairphone to Study Responsible Recycling
Alpha Assembly Solutions has joined forces with Fairphone, the creator of the world’s first ethical, modular smartphone, to research and raise awareness on the challenges associated with sourcing recycled materials in the electronics industry.

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