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July 28, 2021 

How to Troubleshoot Your Testing Processes

Graham Naisbitt, Gen3 Systems

There are a multitude of electronic circuit assembly manufacturers, high-volume/low-product mix to low-volume/high-product mix. Only you will know where you are in that definition.

Either way, the removal of the discredited ROSE test using an accept/reject criteria of 1.56 µg/cm2 is causing mayhem in the industry. Today, the non-negotiable requirement is to produce objective evidence... More >

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Standard of Excellence: The Beauty of a Partnership

Anaya Vardya, American Standard Circuits

Partnerships are now more important than ever, not only with your vendors (as we regularly focus on in this column), but with your competitors as well. “Competitors” is kind of a nasty word, isn’t it? But there is no denying that’s what we are. I believe that if we can all start working together in partnership in this new post-pandemic world order, life will be much better individually and for our industry... More >


Don’t Waste Data! - One of the key benefits of using data effectively is boosting prediction accuracy, which requires a deep understanding of the data and domain expertise. Smart manufacturing strategies give businesses greater adaptability by providing better control and visibility into supply chain and optimizing the capacity to build more products, faster. Learn data management strategies to dramatically shorten NPI cycles and time to market with The Printed Circuit Assembler’s Guide to Smart Data: Using Data to Improve Manufacturing. Download your copy now!

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Get Your Industry 4.0 Here! IPC-CFX Momentum Builds

David Bergman, IPC

Do you hear that? That buzzing sound. Yeah, me too. Is it a hive of bees? No. I know a thing or two about bees. That’s no bee buzzing. That buzzing is the industry embracing and running with IPC-CFX.

  • An industry that views the clean pipe of data that IPC-CFX provides against the clogged pipes of other machine communications protocols
  • An industry that demands the highest level of security for its data and factories
  • An industry that knows it can get more value out of a standardized, open communication protocol that is managed by—you guessed it—industry

Those of us who have been actively involved in the development of IPC-CFX and IPC-2591 from the beginning always knew the standard would be a breath of fresh air for industry...
More >


Now Available: New 6-Head, 20,000 CPH MC889 Ultra High Speed Pick and Place Check out our newest addition, the MC889 Ultra High Speed Pick & Place machine – now available on our website! With 96 feeder slots, 6 heads, and a placement rate of 20,000 CPH, the MC889 sets new standards for speed, precision, and flexibility – all for under $140,000. Since the new MC889 utilizes the same feeders as other Manncorp machines, it is easy to upgrade your equipment. Call Chris Ellis at 215-869-8374 with any inquiries or to receive a quote. Learn More.

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PCB Field Engineer–North America

ICAPE Group is a European leader for printed circuits boards and custom-made electro-mechanical parts. Headquartered in Paris, France, we have over 500 employees located in more than 70 countries serving our +2500 customers...

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Sales Representatives

Prototron Circuits, a market-leading, quick-turn PCB shop, is looking for sales representatives for all territories. With 30+ years of experience, our PCB manufacturing capabilities reach far beyond that of your typical fabricator...

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I-007e Micro Webinars: Implementing Digital Twin Best Practices
Have you ever wondered what a digital twin is? Are you interested in learning ways to optimize and streamline data flow? Siemens’ Jay Gorajia teaches viewers how to leverage the digital twin concept. The goal of the series is to define a blueprint for organizations seeking to digitalize and optimize their design to manufacturing processes and manufacturing operations. Register here to view one or all of the brief, topical segments.

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In this issue we look at the key contributing factors that affect reliability challenges on your manufacturing floor. We help you run the gamut from specifications and standards to assembly and testing. And because reliability ultimately boils down to the solder joint, this issue includes details on the latest thinking on cleanliness, solder joints, industry standards, and more...
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  • Cleanliness Behind Many Assembly Challenges Interview with Eric Camden
  • The Meaning of (PCB) Life by Bob Neves
  • Ductility is Your Greatest 'Alloy'—Avoiding Drop Shock by Ranjit Pandher
  • How to Troubleshoot Your Testing Processes by Graham Naisbitt
  • IPC-WP-019: The How to Behind the Cleanliness Requirements in IPC J-STD-001G by Debora Obitz
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