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March 13, 2019 

RTW IPC APEX EXPO 2019: Standards Updates: IPC-7093 & IPC-7530

Real Time with...IPC

Ray Prasad, IPC Hall of Famer and chairman for multiple committees, gives Guest Editor Joe Fjelstad an update on two IPC standards: IPC-7093 on bottom-termination components (BTCs), and IPC-7530 progress with reflow characterization.

Prasad talks about the many challenges in dealing with BTCs, including circuit/board design, manufacturing, voiding, connections (or lack thereof), warpage, and reliability... More >

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I-Connect007 Research and Results

What Drives Your Optimism?

I-Connect007 Research Team

In our previous I-Connect007 survey, we asked the following question: "What drives your optimism?" Here are just a few of the replies, slightly edited for clarity.

Chaim Lubin, Lincoln International: "Trends in overall electronics growth and digital demand; component shortages highlighting significant current demand; and performance of companies across the electronics industry."

Jim Anderson, ESAM: "The move to on-shoring again; tax law changes; and the move to reduce regulatory strangleholds.”

Stephen Zucker, DataED: "New machineries, bookings, and expansions."

ALPHA® 7 Series Low Residue Fluxes for Tabbing and Stringing Applications.
To meet the demanding requirements of the PV industry, the recently introduced ALPHA® 7 Series products are designed so that minimal flux deposits accumulate inside tabbing and stringing equipment and spray nozzles, thus eliminating corrosion and clogging issues. The unique chemistry provides excellent soldering with fast wetting for both spray and dipping application methods.
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The Cost of Quality and the Higher Cost of Failure

Eric Camden, Foresite

If you are shopping a new product around to multiple contract manufacturers (CMs), and if all other things in two separate CMs are equal including price and delivery times but one offers a more comprehensive ongoing quality monitoring system, why wouldn't you go with that one? You usually pay some type of premium for the CM that has an overall quality monitoring system that goes beyond just ICT or bench level testing. Definitely, most CMs will give you some sort of assurance that the product is working as it leaves the facility, but if one has a mindset that more than basic testing is required to show reliability, you will more than likely have fewer field failures.

More >
Sensible Design: Getting the Best Performance from Encapsulation Resins
Team Electrolube
It’s Only Common Sense: Care About Your Customers and They Will Love You for Life
Dan Beaulieu
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Multiple Positions Available

The Indium Corporation believes that materials science changes the world.  As leaders in the electronics assembly industry we are seeking thought leaders that are well-qualified to join our dynamic global team...

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Service Engineer Reflow Soldering Systems (m/f)

To strengthen our service team at Rehm Thermal Systems llc. in Roswell, Georgia, we are seeking candidates to fill the position of Service Engineer – Reflow Soldering Systems...

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Smart Factory Supply Line

We’ve been building automated factories for quite a while. However, the time has come for smart factories in our segment of the electronics industry. In this issue, we explore smart factories, the technologies required, and the shift in thinking that Industry 4.0 and smart factories will bring to our world.


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