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Is Your EMS Provider "The One" for You?

No matter where you are in your outsourcing journey, ensuring that your EMS provider is right for you is one of the most important success factors. The right partner should bring you years of pain-free manufacturing that has the ability to evolve and adapt to your needs as your business grows.

What Matters Most is Communication
While there may be new techniques and strategies, technologies, equipment, tools, and materials to employ and utilize, there is always one thing that will ensure the manufacturing/ assembly success of your product: communication. Communication between the designer and the assembler will help improve the manufacturability and assembly of the final product—even before the board design gets fabricated.

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ALPHA® OM-550. The revolution is coming. Heat has taken a toll on your bottom line long enough. Introducing ALPHA® OM-550 HRL1 – the most revolutionary advancement in solder paste since the introduction of lead-free. OM-550 cuts the soldering temperature required for SAC alloys by 50°C, while dramatically reducing power consumption and carbon emissions. The result is a highly reliable, cost effective, energy sufficient soldering process with up to 99% less warpage and significantly fewer defects. AlphaAssembly.com.

     • Science & Technology

Quantum Waltz of Electrons Hints at the Next Generation of Chips
EPFL researchers have successfully measured some of the quantum properties of electrons in two-dimensional semiconductors. This work in the field of spintronics could one day lead to chips that are not only smaller but that also generate less heat.

Simulating High Temperature Superconductors
Superconductivity, the effortless transport of electric charge, has many potential technological applications. Unfortunately, most materials that show superconductive behavior only do so at very low temperatures.

New Robots Can See Into Their Future
UC Berkeley researchers have developed a robotic learning technology that enables robots to imagine the future of their actions so they can figure out how to manipulate objects they have never encountered before.

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Solder Paste Printing for Any Level of Precision or Throughput
Manncorp offers the industry’s most extensive selection of stencil printing systems—most in stock and ready to ship—to meet virtually any application or budget. Fully automatic in-line models, as well as semi-automatic printers, are available with ±0.01mm repeatability for 01005 printing. Manncorp also provides systems with frame capacity, squeegee stroke, and angular precision necessary for oversized LED panels up to 48" long. Superior design and construction of even the most affordable manual printers for low-volume and prototyping deliver consistent print quality. Click for more info.

     • SMT007 News

December Issue of SMT Magazine Available Now
The solder paste printing process accounts for almost 70% of PCB assembly defects. The December 2017 issue of SMT Magazine, which is available now, looks into the critical factors causing these challenges, and features strategies, tips and tricks, to help assemblers improve the yield and quality in the solder paste printing operation.

Mirtec Europe Appoints YouSMT as Italian Distributor
Mirtec has appointed YouSMT as its distributor in Italy. "Mirtec Europe is delighted to be associated with such a young and dynamic company as YouSMT," commented David Bennett, president of Mirtec Europe. "Within days of shaking hands on our agreement, they have already sold a system and have other opportunities following closely behind. I’m sure this will be a successful relationship for both companies."

Saki Joins the ASYS PULSE Community for PCB Assembly Line Productivity
Saki Corporation has joined the ASYS PULSE Community to network its automated inspection and measurement systems with electronic production equipment from other PULSE member companies.

Indium Corporation’s Vareha-Walsh to Present at IERC 2018
Indium Corporation’s Donna Vareha-Walsh, Director, Metals Business Unit, will share her expertise at the 17th International Electronic Recycling Congress (IERC) 2018 event on Jan. 18 in Salzburg, Austria.

Alpha Assembly Solutions Launches New Liquid Flux Selector Tool
Alpha Assembly Solutions has launched a new, web-based tool that allows users to find the most suitable flux for wave soldering, selective soldering or photovoltaic applications.

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