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Managing Millennials: Lean Champion Jeff Riedel Emphasizes the Importance of Mentoring
Our next manager to highlight is Jeff Riedel, the Lean Champion at Saline Lectronics. Jeff talks about the unique challenges of dealing with and training millennials, the advantages that they bring to the table, and strategies to help develop them into effective leaders as the older generation leaves the workforce.

Alpha on New Technologies to Tackle Voiding
Tom Hunsinger, vice president of marketing at Alpha Assembly Solutions, discusses with SMT Magazine how their company is addressing voiding—one of the greatest challenges in soldering. He talks about the latest market development trends that are shaping product innovation strategies at Alpha. Hunsinger also details some of their latest solder technologies, and how they are helping their customers address their soldering challenges.

Successful, Long-Term Growth at Prime Technological Services
Publisher Barry Matties sat down with Prime Technological Services CEO Greg Chesnutt at IPC APEX EXPO, to glean how they continue to find success and have been able to maintain such an impressive growth rate over the last four years.

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Alpha has introduced its latest VOC-free, Halide-free flux. ALPHA® EF-2100 is designed to meet current REACH and RoHS legislation and is a drop-in replacement for users of EF-2210, EF-2202, WB-400 & NR-300 who wish to use a non-toxic product. ALPHA® EF-2100 shows stable performance and the solderability has shown to be equivalent in hole-fill, solder balling and bridging while providing good lead-free solder joint cosmetics with an evenly spread, tack free residue. AlphaAssembly.com.

     • Science & Technology

Inkjet Printable and Biocompatible Layered Electronics
?Printed electronics can lead to both low-cost and flexible devices. Flexible electronics is of particular interest for wearable systems, such as health and fitness trackers, while the relative low-costs of printing are attractive for functional packaging for consumer products.

Air Could Be the World’s Next Battery
Wind and sun, two unpredictable resources, are becoming ever more important as sources of energy in Europe. This means that we face a growing need for energy storage facilities, because if energy cannot be used immediately when it is generated, it needs to be stored until it is needed.

Toward Printable, Sensor-Laden 'Skin' for Robots
In this age of smartphones and tablet computers, touch-sensitive surfaces are everywhere. Covering a robot — or an airplane or a bridge — with sensors will require a technology that is both flexible and cost-effective to manufacture in bulk. A team of researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory thinks that 3-D printing could be the answer.

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     • SMT007 News

Goepel's 3D·EyeZ Ensures Safe Mounting of Press-fit Connectors through Depth Measurement
The sensor system 3D·EyeZ from GOEPEL electronic offers a wide range of applications in electronics manufacturing due to its shadow-free measurement. The unique design allows for the measurement of the press-in depth of press-fit connectors mounted on PCBs.

Jabil's Dan Gamota Receives NextFlex Fellow Award
Dan Gamota, Vice President of the Hardware Innovation Group at Jabil Circuit Inc., was hand-selected by the NextFlex leadership team to receive the inaugural NextFlex Fellow Award. Gamota was among only seven people to receive this NextFlex award, which recognizes individuals who have made remarkable contributions to accelerating the FHE industry growth: foundational technologies, manufacturing platforms and workforce development.

AIM's Timothy O'Neill and Mehran Maalekian Honored by SMTA
AIM Solder is pleased to announce that Timothy O’Neill, Technical Marketing Manager, and Dr. Mehran Maalekian, R&D Manager, have each been honored as Speakers of Distinction by the SMTA Technical Committee.

Mycronic Receives Another Order for Replacement Mask Writer
Mycronic AB has received yet another order for a mask writer, replacing an older system for manufacturing of display photomasks. The system is scheduled to be delivered to a customer in Asia during the first half of 2018.

Alpha to Present at South East Asia Technical Training Conference on Electronics Assembly in Penang
Alpha Assembly Solutions will be presenting two technical papers, "Flip-Chip LED Assembly – Processes and Challenges" and "LED Assembly on Flexible Substrates}" at the South East Asia Technical Training Conference on Electronics Assembly Technologies 2017.

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