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Mycronic Announces the Acquisition of Vi TECHNOLOGY
Mycronic recently announced the acquisition of Vi TECHNOLOGY, with the intent of combining VIT’s inspection technology with Mycronic’s jetting capabilities. In an interview with I-Connect007, Olivier Pirou, Managing Director of VIT, discusses more about the merger and how this will help VIT contend in such a competitive environment.

Working with Customers: A Consultant's Perspective

Industry veteran and expert Chrys Shea is in a unique position when it comes to her work for the electronics assembly industry. As president of consulting firm Shea Engineering Services, she helps suppliers test and bring new products to the market, and helps assemblers bring new processes or skills to their assembly lines.

Dr. Bill Cardoso of Creative Electron Talks About IPC’s CFX Standard
Creative Electron's Dr. Bill Cardoso is a member of the CFX committee and has equipment in the CFX showcase at APEX in San Diego from February 27 to March 1. In an interview, he talks about the standard and the group that has delivered such a successful collaboration.

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APCT is a leading manufacturer of high reliability, printed circuit boards. After its recent acquisitions in January 2018, APCT now has enhanced capacity for its broad range of technologies, including advanced and emerging HDI work and can also now provide flex and rigid-flex capabilities, all fabricated at superior lead times. Additional industry certifications now strongly support the defense and aerospace industries. They include: AS9100D, NADCAP and MIL-P-55110. With multiple facilities on the east and west coasts, APCT is set up to build prototypes to mid-production and will manage your off-shore solutions through APCT Global.

     • Science & Technology

Electric Eel-Inspired Device Reaches 110 Volts
In an effort to create a power source for future implantable technologies, a team led by Michael Mayer from the University of Fribourg, along with researchers from the University of Michigan and UC San Diego, developed an electric eel-inspired device that produced 110 volts from gels filled with water, called hydrogels.

Tokyo Tech Slashes Power Consumption in Bluetooth Low-Energy Transceiver by More Than Half
Researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) announce a Bluetooth Low-Energy transceiver with the lowest ever power consumption — a breakthrough set to accelerate widespread adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) applications in Japan and around the globe.

Researchers Invent Light-Emitting Nanoantennas
Nanoscale light sources and nanoantennas already found a wide range of applications in several areas, such as ultra compact pixels, optical detection or telecommunications.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: The PCB Assembler’s Guide to… Conformal Coating for Harsh Environments - Written by Phil Kinner of Electrolube, this micro eBook addresses a myriad of conformal coating materials and process considerations for achieving reliable performance in harsh environments. Kinner simplifies the many available material types and application methods, and explains the advantages and disadvantages of each. This book is a must-read for anyone in the electronics industry who wants a better understanding of conformal coatings. Download now!

     • SMT007 News

Nordson YESTECH Installs Benchtop AOI at Fluid Components International
Nordson YESTECH has announced that Fluid Components International (FCI) has purchased and installed a BX Benchtop AOI system, which features advanced 5 megapixel color camera imaging technology that offers benchtop PCB inspection with exceptional defect coverage. This benchtop system inspects solder joints and verifies correct part assembly, enabling FCI to improve quality and increase throughput.

Indium Features Metal Thermal Interface Materials for Burn-In and Test at BiTS Workshop 2018
Indium Corporation will feature its metal thermal interface materials for burn-in, including Heat-Spring and HSMF-OS, at Burn-in & Test Strategies Workshop on March 4-7 in Mesa, Arizona. Designed for use in the burn-in process, Indium's Heat-Spring is patterned to optimize contact with non-planar surfaces with a pressure range of only 35-100+ psi.

STI's Marietta Lemieux to Present at Harsh Environments Conference
STI Electronics Inc.'s Marietta Lemieux, analytical lab manager, will present at the Electronics in Harsh Environments Conference, which is scheduled to take place April 24–26, 2018 in Hoofddorp (Amsterdam), Netherlands. Lemieux will share her knowledge of residue analysis in her presentation, "Does Extraction time in Ion Chromatography affect the Concentration of Ionic Species?"

Koh Young to Highlight Latest Solutions at IPC APEX EXPO 2018
Koh Young will highlight its pioneering Industry 4.0 solutions at IPC APEX EXPO 2018, where it will reveal smarter, faster, and innovative technologies integrated with its AI-powered KSMART platform.

Five Reasons to Visit Creative Electron at IPC APEX EXPO
Creative Electron will unveil its largest technology updates to date at IPC APEX EXPO 2018 in San Diego February 27 to March 1 at booth 1932.

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