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KIC Shows Solutions to Voiding Problems via Optimized Reflow Profiling

At the recent SMTAI event, MB (Marybeth) Allen of KIC speaks with I-Connect007's Patty Goldman about her company, and discusses some of the details of her presentation titled "Optimized Reflow Profiling to Minimize Voiding".

The Fine Art of Providing a Single Source for Fab, Assembly

Jay Rupani, president of Precision Technologies, speaks with I-Connect007's Patty Goldman about what exactly his company does, what differentiates them and why. He also talks about why having a single source for bare board manufacturing and assembly saves customers time, money and much angst.

Leadership in Your Company: Something to Worry About?

Leadership is an ingredient that most feel is important, even though many find it is hard to define. Some say that you will know good leadership when you see it. In this article, Tom Borkes of The Jefferson Project discusses the role of leadership, and how it can be taught in the academia.

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Free Shipping + 10% Off Component Counters Thru 12/31
Take advantage of year-end savings and simplify year-end inventory tasks with the purchase of any SMD or through-hole component counting systems from Manncorp. From now through the end of 2016, all counters will ship free (continental U.S. only) and list prices are reduced 10% for orders placed online. Simply enter code COUNT2016 at check out. Choose from a wide variety of models with options like empty pocket detection, bar code scanners, and label printers. Click for more info.

     • Science & Technology

New Ultra-Thin Semiconductor Could Extend Life of Moore’s Law
The new semiconductor named Indium Selenide (InSe) is only a few atoms thick, similarly to graphene. The research was reported in Nature Nanotechnology this week by researchers of The University of Manchester and their colleagues at The University of Nottingham.

The Future of Electronics is Light
For the past four decades, the electronics industry has been driven by what is called “Moore’s Law,” which is not a law but more an axiom or observation. Effectively, it suggests that the electronic devices double in speed and capability about every two years. And indeed, every year tech companies come up with new, faster, smarter and better gadgets.

Researchers Explore New 2D Materials That Could Make Devices Faster, Smaller, and Efficient
A new study by an international team of researchers led by the University of Minnesota highlights how manipulation of 2D materials could make our modern day devices faster, smaller, and better.

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ResinLab is a leading resin manufacturer with state of the art production equipment, lab capabilities, and technical expertise. They specialize in creating custom formulations and product modifications to meet customer's exact application requirements. ResinLab's staff of Product Development Chemists can respond to projects both large and small – using decades of experience to quickly satisfy design, manufacturing and quality requirements. Click to learn more.

     • SMT007 News

Indium’s Karch Wins Best Presentation at IMAPS Autumn Conference 2016
Indium Corporation’s Andreas Karch, Regional Technical Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, was recognized for his technical presentation on new solder material technology in the manufacturing process of IGBT modules, at the recent IMAPS Autumn Conference in Munich, Germany. Karch's presentation featured a new method that produces strong, reliable solder joints that resist cracking and thermal fatigue.

Electrolube Debuts New Thermal Interface and Resin Solutions at LED Expo India
Electrolube, the established global manufacturer of electro-chemicals, will launch the newest encapsulation resin systems and thermal management materials for India’s LED manufacturers at this year’s LED Expo, held at the Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, from 2-4 December.

Rehm Develops New Curtain Nozzle for Highly Selective Conformal Coating
Circuit board coating is not just about complete reliability. Precise application procedures are required to cope with the constant miniaturisation in the electronics industry and the associated narrower tolerances between the areas to be lacquered and the areas which must remain free of lacquer.

ACE Announces Selective Soldering Workshop Schedule for 2017
ACE Production Technologies Inc. has announced its 2017 schedule of selective soldering workshops.

SMTA Names Hutchins Grant Award Winner
During the 2016 Annual Meeting at SMTA International, the SMTA announced that Kate Reeve, a graduate student at Purdue University, has been selected as the recipient of the 2016 Charles Hutchins Educational Grant.

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