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Real Time with...SMTAI 2018 Coverage Now Available
The I-Connect007 team traveled to Rosemont, Illinois this week to cover the SMTA International 2018 conference and exhibition. Video interviews of key executives and leaders of our industry are now available for viewing. Also check out the photo gallery for snapshots of the exhibition floor and the conference as well as the after-hours festivities.

IoT: Driving Change in Manufacturing
In the manufacturing world, the Internet of Things (IoT) can be seen as an element of Industry 4.0. The idea behind it is that factories would evolve to become smarter, to become a lot more flexible—to be able to make the products that customers want, basically at any time that they need.

How CIM and IoT Can Make Your Factory Smart
As business needs challenge the electronics assembly industry to support increased flexibility, lower overhead, and stricter quality standards, the industry is rapidly adopting improvements in automation and analytics to meet the challenge. This article explores the changes in culture between the past, where data was simply sent point to point, and today’s multi-layered IoT technology-based solutions, as well as the effects and opportunities that are here now for the taking.

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ALPHA® PowerBond® Preforms for High Temp, High Reliability. ALPHA® PowerBond® Preforms are based on a family of lead-free, high-reliability alloys with Antimony (Sb) content ranging from 5-10%, which results in increased strength, thermal fatigue resistance and higher liquidus temperatures, compared to traditional tin/silver/copper based lead-free systems. Ideal for lead-free interconnects for automotive and power semiconductor applications, ALPHA® PowerBond® Preforms also complies with applicable environmental standards, including RoHS for use in product requiring lead-free materials. Alpha Assembly.com.

     • Science & Technology

Study Opens Route to Flexible Electronics Made From Exotic Materials
The vast majority of computing devices today are made from silicon, the second most abundant element on Earth, after oxygen. Silicon can be found in various forms in rocks, clay, sand, and soil. And while it is not the best semiconducting material that exists on the planet, it is by far the most readily available.

Research on Light-Matter Interaction Could Lead to Improved Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices
These particles possess a new quantum degree of freedom, called “valley spin.” The “valley spin” is similar to the spin of electrons, which has been extensively used in information storage such as hard drives and is also a promising candidate for quantum computing.

High-Performance Flexible Transparent Force Touch Sensor for Wearable Devices
Researchers reported a high-performance and transparent nanoforce touch sensor by developing a thin, flexible, and transparent hierarchical nanocomposite (HNC) film.

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GOEPEL - OCT 25 WEBINAR - 3D AOI Systems: More Than Just Beautiful Pictures - 3D measurement and test functions will be explained with real application examples and both advantages and limits will be shown. Automated program and library generation feature which possible with the captured 3D data of the PCB, combined with the software package PILOT AOI will be showcased. Allocation of required inspection tasks to the devices, the generation of library entries as well as the definition of parameters and tolerances will covered. Register Now.

     • SMT007 News

Indium’s Brook Sandy-Smith to Present at SMTA Ohio Valley Roundtable
Indium Corporation's Brook Sandy-Smith, technical support engineer and PCB assembly materials specialist, will present at the SMTA Ohio Valley Solder Roundtable on November 6 at Corporate College East, Warrensville Heights, Ohio. Sandy-Smith will discuss how to manage scenarios when one or more of the BTCs starts to show increased variation in the same process, as well as explore process modifications and improved pad design strategies that help alleviate BTC voiding.

Goepel electronic Upgrades Embedded JTAG Solutions Controller

Goepel electronic has launched the SFX II IO X1, the first expansion module for the SCANFLEX II system platform. The SFX II IO X1 can be retrofitted as an option at any time and requires no special software installation.

Rehm Technology Days a Success

“Diverse, exciting, entertaining” is the unanimous conclusion of the Rehm Technology Days in Blaubeuren.

Electrolube Seeking Sales Development Manager
Electrolube intends to recruit a new sales development manager for the Mid-West area of the United States.

KYZEN Awarded for AQUANOX A4625 at SMTAI
KYZEN announces that it was awarded a 2018 Global Technology Award in the category of Cleaning Materials for its AQUANOX A4625 Aqueous Cleaning Solution.

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