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Cross Functional Teams Drive Strong Focus on Risk Mitigation and Quality
Having a traditional cross-functional team (CFT) approach, with a much larger CFT group that includes a tactically focused program manager, a strategically focused account director, a buyer, a product engineer, a process engineer, a test engineer, a quality engineer, a production supervisor or lead person, and a customer service representative focused on materials and scheduling, will help EMS firms govern all the necessary outputs associated with each customer.

How Investment in Staff Well-Being Impacts Manufacturing Productivity
As manufacturers seek to address the challenges of increasing efficiency, there's a greater emphasis on the value of high-performance working practices such as Lean manufacturing. But the emphasis on continual quality improvement processes can also have an indirect effect on employee health and well-being. Here's why manufacturers should invest in the well-being of its employees.

Best Practices to Achieve Zero Defects
To ensure that a complex electronics build can be completed on time, on budget and with zero defects, here is a list of checks and balances that will help you with adjustments or corrections real time, instead of discovering them at the end of the build or worse, when it's already arrived at the end user.

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Manufacturing costs up due to the new import tax? Outsourcing your PCB assembly? Looking for ways to cut costs? Need to control your product lines? It's easier - and more cost efficient - than you might think! We've received a lot of inquiries since the 25% tariffs were announced. Interest in bringing production in-house is running high. If you're looking into doing your own PCB assembly, contact us. Our experts match you with the right equipment for your needs. Helping manufacturers take control of their electronics manufacturing is our specialty. Click for more info.

     • Science & Technology

For Ever More Efficient Optical Fibres
By applying a computer program that mimics the way the human brain learns to identify objects, EPFL scientists are now able to reconstruct images that have been degraded by passing through an optical fiber.

Berkeley Engineers Develop Origami Electronics from Cheap, Foldable Paper
Using inexpensive materials, UC Berkeley engineers have fabricated foldable electronic switches and sensors directly onto paper, along with prototype generators, supercapacitors and other electronic devices. Potential applications for this new, disposable paper electronics include circuitry to detect heavy metal contamination to economically monitor toxins.

Printed Electronics Breakthrough Could Lead to Flexible Electronics Revolution
A new form of electronics manufacturing which embeds silicon nanowires into flexible surfaces could lead to radical new forms of bendable electronics, scientists say. Engineers from the University of Glasgow describe how they have for the first time been able to affordably ‘print’ high-mobility semiconductor nanowires onto flexible surfaces to develop high-performance ultra-thin electronic layers.

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The Best Way to Find a Fabricator, Anywhere!
• Free access to the definitive directory of PCB fabricators • Most comprehensive list from around the world • In-depth profiles of PCB fabricators • Easy to use, with intuitive navigation • Quick searches to locate the right fabricator • In-depth searches for specific capabilities


     • SMT007 News

Goepel electronic Names New Managing Director
Alice Göpel has taken over the managing director position of Goepel electronic from her father, Holger Göpel, who has been managing the company since 1991. Alice has been with the company since 2008 and, as international sales manager, was responsible for the worldwide sales of inspection systems.

Global EMS Market to See CAGR of 4% during 2018-2022
The global electronics manufacturing services market 2018-2022 is expected to post a CAGR of close to 4% during the forecast period.

Nortech Systems’ CEO Rich Wasielewski to Retire
Rich Wasielewski, president and CEO of Nortech Systems, Inc. will be retiring. Nortech Systems’ board of directors has retained an executive recruitment firm to assist in its national search to identify Wasielewski’s replacement. He will continue to lead the company during the search and subsequent transition period.

Indium Experts to Present 'Best Papers' at SMTA South China Technology Conference 2018
Indium Corporation Research Chemist, Mary Ma, and Area Technical Manager for Eastern China, Wisdom Qu, will present their papers at the 2018 SMTA China South Technology Conference on August 28 in Shenzhen, China.

Benchmark Facilities Earn MedAccred Accreditation
In recognition of its compliance with the rigorous requirements for printed circuit board assembly and quality systems established by the Performance Review Institute (PRI) and a consortium of OEM medical device manufacturers, Benchmark Electronics announced that its Minnesota facilities in Rochester and Winona have received MedAccred Printed Circuit Board accreditation.

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