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RTW IPC APEX EXPO: Kimball Electronics Discusses New Opportunities in the Medical Market

Tom Ferris, business development director for Kimball Electronics' medical industry solutions business, discusses the latest opportunities in the medical market and new requirements from customers.

RTW IPC APEX EXPO: Zentech Discusses New NIST Legislation

Matt Turpin, president and CEO of EMS firm Zentech Manufacturing Inc., speaks about the NIST 800-171 legislation published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and how it is different from other regulations such as ITAR.

RTW IPC APEX EXPO: Nordson SELECT Updates, One Year Later

Carlos E. Bouras, general manager of Nordson SELECT, discusses the acquisition updates of ACE Production Technologies and InterSelect GmbH one year later, the synergies between the two companies, and how they have strengthened Nordson SELECT's capabilities.

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APCT is a leading manufacturer of high reliability, printed circuit boards. After its recent acquisitions in January 2018, APCT now has enhanced capacity for its broad range of technologies, including advanced and emerging HDI work and can also now provide flex and rigid-flex capabilities, all fabricated at superior lead times. Additional industry certifications now strongly support the defense and aerospace industries. They include: AS9100D, NADCAP and MIL-P-55110. With multiple facilities on the east and west coasts, APCT is set up to build prototypes to mid-production and will manage your off-shore solutions through APCT Global.

     • Science & Technology

NPL Scientists Create Diodes Made of Light
Photonics researchers at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have achieved the extra-ordinary by creating a diode consisting of light that can be used, for the first time, in miniaturised photonic circuits, as published in Optica.

Embroidering Electronics Into the Next Generation of ‘Smart’ Fabrics
Archaeology reveals that humans started wearing clothes some 170,000 years ago, very close to the second-to-last ice age. Even now, though, most modern humans wear clothes that are only barely different from those earliest garments. But that’s about to change as flexible electronics are increasingly woven into what are being called “smart fabrics.”

Weird Superconductor Leads Double Life
Understanding strontium titanate’s odd behavior will aid efforts to develop materials that conduct electricity with 100 percent efficiency at higher temperatures.

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ULTIMA NEO-L All-In-One Selective Soldering and Fluxing Reduce production costs, while improving quality and consistency, with the stand-alone NEO-L. Combines high-precision selective flux application with fully programmable soldering of through-hole components and connectors on SMT and mixed technology PCBs up to 18" x 15" (460 mm x 380 mm). Ultra-fine resolution X-Y-Z axis drive mechanism for positional accuracy of ±0.004" (±0.1 mm) and can travel at programmable speeds from as slow as 0.004"/sec (while soldering) to as fast as 15.75"/sec (between points). Click for more info.

     • SMT007 News

Rehm Thermal Systems Names New Representative in Asia
Since the beginning of the year the Trident company, based in Singapore and Penang, has been a representative of Rehm Thermal Systems in Singapore and Malaysia. This gives our customers in these important Asian markets a direct contact for all questions concerning Rehm's innovative product portfolio.

IPC Publishes Standard on Low-Pressure Molding for Circuitry Encapsulation
IPC announces a new standard, IPC-7621, Guideline for Design, Material Selection and General Application of Encapsulation of Electronic Circuit Assembly by Low Pressure Molding with Thermoplastics, a guidance document that offers instruction on using Low Pressure Molding (LPM) in place of potting for circuitry encapsulation.

GOEPEL electronic Extends Global Presence to New Zealand
CPE Systems NZ Ltd is a new alliance partner in GOEPEL’s technology network GATE (GOEPEL Associated Technical Experts). Through the partnership, GOEPEL electronic expands Embedded JTAG Solutions to the South West Pacific region.

Electrolube Launches First Clear UL94 V-0 Flame Retardant PU Resin for LEDs
The global electro-chemicals manufacturer, Electrolube, has frequently been approached regarding the prospect of an optically clear, flame retardant resin. As the demand for LED encapsulation ever increases, particularly for hazardous areas, Electrolube has developed the long-awaited new UR5641 encapsulation resin.

Super Dry Unveils ‘Dry Air Only’ at One Fixed Monthly Price
For value-conscious companies that wish to keep their safe storage of components & PCBs in-house but need an alternative to the capital investment typically required, Super Dry Totech has launched a new “Dry Air Only” solution.

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