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July 16, 2024 

Counterfeit Detection Course: It’s the Real Deal

Nolan Johnson, I-Connect007

Anthony (Tony) Bryant is a trained expert in component counterfeiting techniques who has been collaborating with IPC on a new intermediate-level course on counterfeits. Tony is in final preparation to launch this course and shared his reasons for the course, as well as information about its content and value to EMS companies.

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UHDI Fundamentals: UHDI for RF Microwave Applications

Anaya Vardya, American Standard Circuits

Ultra high-density interconnect (UHDI) technology has significant potential for RF (radio frequency) microwave applications. Its advantages lie in its ability to provide high-density routing and integration, which are crucial for complex RF circuits. Here are three key UHDI benefits in RF microwave applications:

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BOOK EXCERPT: The Printed Circuit Assembler’s Guide to... Encapsulating Sustainability for Electronics, Chapter 2

I-Connect007 Editorial Team

There are many important things to consider when applying an encapsulant. Chapter 2 of this book is an overview of the application process that covers many of the terms and definitions found on a technical data sheet and discusses the primary considerations for each of the process stages. It is worthwhile considering some of the terms and definitions found on a technical data sheet to understand how the different liquid, mixed system, and cured property values can dictate the method chosen to apply materials.

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tec-thermal: High-Performance IMS Material Technology - Designed for the world’s most thermally demanding PCB applications - Automotive, medical, industrial, aerospace & military manufacturers rely on Ventec for the latest advances in IMS materials that deliver an exceptional thermal performance, reliability and quality through their established ceramic-filled halogen-free dielectric technology. With tec-thermal, Ventec offers the most comprehensive range of thermally conductive materials with the widest choice of dielectric thicknesses and dielectric thermal conductivity. Learn more.


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Capital Equipment Sales Go-getter

all4-PCB is a well-established distributor that represents a wide range of manufacturing equipment for the printed circuit board manufacturing and chemical milling industries, as well as other high-tech markets...

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VGTPCB Inc. is seeking a full-time general manager for its Santa Clara, Calif., office.


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