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May 23, 2024 

Listen to I-Connect007’s Latest Podcast Episode: Empowering Electrical Engineers


I-Connect007 is thrilled to announce the release of the latest episode in Series 3 of its popular podcast, On the Line With... , available now on Apple and Spotify.

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PCB Design Tools – for reliable printed circuit boards.
Nothing affects the PCB’s total cost and reliability as much as the initial design. That is why we have put together our PCB design tools for engineers, designers and anyone else involved in the PCB design or production process. Our current PCB design tools are PCB design guidelines, PCB design tips, PCB design checklist and PCB cost drivers. To help you get it right from the start and make reliable PCBs! Download them for free.

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Dana on Data: The Insane PCB DFM Process

Dana Korf, Korf Consultancy LLC

This industry just doesn’t like to change. Line width/space is consistently narrowed; layer counts are now over 120 layers; via diameters constantly shrink. But a fabricator still can’t build per the supplied data package because of design, document, and capability mismatch errors.

I have been writing for I-Connect007, and of the 41 articles and interviews I have done, 39 have focused on highlighting designer-to-fabricator data transfer issues with proposed solutions. Little has changed to improve the transfer. This industry seems to accept receiving erroneous PCB data...
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Beyond Design: Dielectric Material Selection Guide

Barry Olney, In-Circuit Design Pty. Ltd.

Materials used for the fabrication of multilayer PCBs absorb high frequencies and reduce edge rates. That loss in the transmission line is a major cause of signal degradation. However, not all of us are designing cutting-edge boards and sometimes we tend to over-specify requirements that can lead to inflated production costs...
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The Thrill of Victory: IPC Design Competition

Michelle Te, I-Connect007

The final heat of the 2024 IPC Design Competition took place on Tuesday, April 9, during IPC APEX EXPO. IPC’s Kris Moyer and Patrick Crawford served as judges and onsite supervisors for the event, which featured five competitors—four online and one live at IPC APEX EXPO...
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Service Engineer

Join the Schmoll America Team as a Service Engineer – Where Innovation Meets Customer Excellence!

Are you a technical mastermind with a passion for solving complex problems and delivering exceptional customer experiences? Look no further than Schmoll America!

As a Service Engineer, you'll be the driving force behind our customers' success, providing top-notch technical support and maintenance services for our PCB industry-leading equipment...

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PCB Process Engineers and Field Sales Engineers

Are you passionate about driving innovation in the PCB industry? At Amitron, we're redefining manufacturing with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to reinvention...

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Next Generation PCB Design.
EMA is proud to announce a new evolution of PCB design that expands our services to create a tool that is faster, more automated, and more connected than ever. Design Fast. Correct. Connected. See how.

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Breaking High-speed Material Constraints

Do you need specialty materials for your high-speed designs? Maybe not. Improvements in resins mean designers of high-speed boards can sometimes use traditional laminate systems instead of high-speed materials, saving time and money while streamlining the fab process...
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  • Don’t Overconstrain Your High-speed PCB Materials, with Kris Moyer and Ed Kelley
  • Traditional Materials, High-frequency Boards? with Ed Kelley
  • Underconstraining Your Materials? Leave It to the Experts, with Filbert Arzola
  • Dielectric Material Selection Guide, by Barry Olney
  • Overconstrain? Underconstrain? Selecting Materials for High-speed Designs with Stephen Chavez
  • Overconstraining: Short, Slim and Smooth, by Martyn Gaudion

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