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The Ever Greener Grass
What we think we know is a less dynamic concept than actual reality. So many things progress so quickly, that we either as individuals or organizations, simply cannot keep up any longer. How then do we know whether the grass is really greener on the other side if we are not able to see clearly what is happening?


Testing Todd: No Missed Steps—5S Methodology
In today’s work environment, a company should strive to produce quality product, maximize margins and reduce cost as much as possible. At times, this can be very difficult. Work ethics and methodologies of “how to do things” have developed over many years and can be deeply rooted in many manufacturing theatres. We find at times the “way we have always done it” may not be the most practical way today. This is apparent with the advances in automation, labor force reduction and shifting market demands.


Electronics Industry News - EIN007

The Future of Biosensors is Here
A soft sensor microsystem with a three-dimensional design—bypassing constraints and limitations of traditional two-dimensional design—and a range of applications, including continuous health monitoring and disease treatment, enables greater flexibility and performance than existing, flat sensors.

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SMT Magazine
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Features: Assembly Training and Education

Editor’s Note -- Assembly Training and Education, by Stephen Las Marias, I-Connect007
Training and Education: Key to Improving Electronics Assembly, by Stephen Las Marias, I-Connect007
Empowering the Workforce Through Training: An Investment Return, by Daniel Prina, MC Assembly
The EMS Skills Gap Epidemic, by Steve Williams, The Right Approach Consulting LLC

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