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The Survey Said: Industry Optimistic After Strong 2017
During recent trade shows and conferences, we spoke with a variety of fabricators and assembly providers. They had one thing in common: Every company achieved strong growth in 2017, and shared a positive outlook about the future. This year, the industry is optimistic, driven by positive economic outlook, growing customer demand, and new technologies and vertical markets, among others.


Testing Todd: How are the Ratings?
Hello, readers! Thank you for stopping by again. Let’s talk about ratings. No, I’m not talking about the latest Facebook likes or Twitter retweets, but a topic that confuses many final QA technicians the world over. I’m talking PCB voltage ratings.


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Squeezing Light into Nanoscale Devices and Circuits
Team is first to directly image propagation and dynamics of graphene plasmons at very low temperatures; findings could impact optical communications and signal processing. As electronic devices and circuits shrink into the nanoscale, the ability to transfer data on a chip, at low power with little energy loss, is becoming a critical challenge.

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SMT007 Magazine
SMT007 | Preview | PDF | Table of Contents
Features: 5G: Testing the Future Impact

5G Requires New Approach to Testing, by Stephen Las Marias, I-Connect007
Challenges and Opportunities in Testing 5G, a conversation with Keysight
DFT Strategy Necessary for 5G Assembly, a conversation with Asteelflash
5G: Testing the Future Impact, by Stephen Las Marias, I-Connect007

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