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Flex Talk: Mina—Trouble-Free Soldering to Aluminum
Thinking about the RFID market and the significant growth projected in this market, I decided to do a little research on RFID tag manufacturing. During this research, I learned of a relatively new offering, Mina, an advanced surface treatment technology that addresses the common constraints of large scale manufacturing of Al-PET circuits.


Embedding Active and Passive Components in Organic PCBs for More Reliability and Miniaturization
Hofmann Leiterplatten GmbH has developed a wide range of products in the last 25 years. New manufacturing know-how has been developed in fabricating organic PCB with embedded devices. A special name, AML (active multilayer), was created to differentiate the surface mount devices (SMD) and the device embedded technology (DET) PCBs. Manufacturing processes that are not typical for standard PCB fabrication shops has been developed.


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New Fast-Charging Flow Battery Aims to Advance the State-of-the-Art in Energy Storage
Masdar Institute researchers have engineered a novel non-aqueous low-cost flow battery equipped with fast-charging that is able to charge itself in half the time it would normally take, which they believe may enable cheaper and more efficient large-scale renewable energy storage.

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SMT Magazine
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Features: The Need for 3D Inspection

3D: Towards Better Inspection Capability, by I-Connect007
3D Inspection Is the Way to Go, by Stephen Las Marias, I-Connect007
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Saki Discusses Industry 4.0 and True 3D Technology, by Stephen Las Marias, I-Connect007
Koh Young Discusses Latest 3D AOI Innovations, by Stephen Las Marias, I-Connect007
2D X-ray Inspection With Materials and Thickness Identification, by P. Scott, IBEX Innovations, and E. Krastev, Nordson Dage

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