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March 24, 2023 

I-Connect007 Editor’s Choice: Five Must-Reads for the Week

Nolan Johnson, I-Connect007

It’s almost as if upheaval is the new normal. We often describe slow-moving but unstoppable change as moving in “geologic time.” But occasionally–like an earthquake–geology shifts suddenly. Here in my office, tracking the news of the industry, things are moving faster than geologic time, but more slowly than the jolt of an earthquake. The wave seems almost surfable, where before it seemed overwhelming. In this week’s list, we bring news from five different, high-vibration areas in our industry. If you read nothing else this week, these five items will keep you informed.

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Industry News


Maggie Benson’s Journey: The Finishing Touch

Ronald C. Lasky, Indium Corporation

Let’s check in on Andy Connors and Sue March at Castellanos Electronics after Maggie and John’s decision to buy the company. In our last episode, Sue was working on solutions to minimize solder defects that have been categorized in a Pareto Chart, whereas Andy was working on creating a training program to develop some process engineers and implementing an improvement plan developed by Chuck Tower and José Castellanos.

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COOLSPAN® TECA (Thermally and Electrically Conductive Adhesive) is designed to solve critical thermal management issues bonding high power circuit boards, PCB or ceramic, to heavy metal back planes, heatsinks or RF module housings. With long shelf life, up to 12 months in properly stored conditions, COOLSPAN TECA film is the solution for demanding thermal designs. COOLSPAN can be bonded to a wide variety of surfaces, under various pressure/temperature combinations, and has demonstrated lap shear strength of 2000 psi on ENIG to ENIG finish. Our Technical Support team is available to optimize these parameters around your production capabilities. Learn more now.


Dan’s Biz Bookshelf: 'The Rare Find: How Great Talent Stands Out'

Dan Beaulieu, DB Management

Have we been doing it wrong all these years? Did looking for the perfect person for our company not mean looking for the perfect resume? Author George Anders is rightfully confirming that theory. His advice: Look for candidates with a “jagged resume,” explaining that this is the resume where the background appears to teeter on the edge between success and failure.

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