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All About Flex: Packaging Flexible Circuits and Assemblies
There are many facets involved in designing, fabricating and delivering a flexible circuit. During the quote and design phase, requirements are reviewed relating to the function, reliability and dimensions of the flex circuit. So assuming the relevant product documentation was gathered, and the salesperson turned around the quote, then the customer placed an order and parts were built, it’s all over…right? Not quite. One critical aspect that often does not get much discussion until there is a problem is packaging and shipping.


HKPCA & IPC Bring Hand-Soldering Competition World Championships to China
Helen Guo, member services director at IPC Greater China, discusses with I-Connect007's Edy Yu IPC’s activities and initiatives in China. She also discusses the upcoming International Printed Circuit and APEX South China Fair 2016, which will feature the hand-soldering competition world championship for the first time in China.


Electronics Industry News - EIN007

Quantum Obstacle Course Changes Material from Superconductor to Insulator
Nanoscale defects in a superconducting material can interact with weak magnetic fields to put the brakes on superconducting electrons. The research could help scientists better understand how defects can affect the quantum behavior of materials.

Market News

SMT Magazine -- New Issue Available
SMT Magazine | Flip | PDF | Table of Contents
Features: Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing in a Digital Transformation Reality, by Jay Gorajia, Mentor Graphics
Sales: a.k.a., Trench Warfare!, by Craig Arcuri
5 New Books that Will Change Your Perspective on Sales & Marketing, Dan Beaulieu
Successful Sales Strategies, by Stephen Las Marias, I-Connect007
The Hunt for the Best Pre-Owned SMT Equipment Supplier, by Shannon Allard, NEA
EMS Industry Sales and Marketing: Why Strategies Vary Widely, Susan Mucha
Much Ado About Sales and Marketing, I-Connect007 Research Team

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