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RTW SMTAI: NCAB Discusses Its Sustainability Programs
Doug Drayer, General Manager, Central Region, at NCAB Group, details the company's three-pronged sustainability programs and ISO 26000. He also talks about the company’s recent successful listing in the Stockholm Stock Exchange, and the importance of working with the customers especially during the design process.


RTW SMTAI: Harold Sneath Highlights Alpha’s Reclaims Business
Reclamation can be a profit center, not a cost of doing business. At the recent SMTA International 2018 conference and exhibition, Harold Sneath, Eastern Regional Reclaim Manager at Alpha Assembly Solutions, lays out the reclamation services available through Alpha.


Electronics Industry News - EIN007

3D-Printed Supercapacitor Electrode Breaks Records in Lab Tests
As energy storage devices, supercapacitors have the advantages of charging very rapidly (in seconds to minutes) and retaining their storage capacity through tens of thousands of charge cycles. They are used for regenerative braking systems in electric vehicles and other applications.

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