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Why Is Data Analytics so Important to R&D Within Inspection Businesses?
Any sales professional operating in the inspection space will tell you that the market is flooded with competition when it comes to SPI and AOI machines. Although I have no doubt their preferred solution will be the market leader, unless you are knowledgeable about the differences in provider and the array of technologies available today, you can soon fall into a trap of not selecting the correct platform for your application.


AWE 2019: Go XR, Be Awesome
Dan Feinberg attended and covered the recently held 2019 Augmented World Expo (AWE) and conference in Santa Clara, California. The event features the latest developments and technologies in augmented (AR), mixed (MR), virtual (VR), and extended virtual reality (many just call it all XR to make it simple). Here's a wrap-up of the event.


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Spotting Objects Amid Clutter
Robots typically “see” their environment through sensors that collect and translate a visual scene into a matrix of dots. Think of the world of, well, “The Matrix,” except that the 1s and 0s seen by the fictional character Neo are replaced by dots — lots of dots — whose patterns and densities outline the objects in a particular scene.

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