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July 19, 2024 

I-Connect007 Editor’s Choice: Five Must-Reads for the Week

Andy Shaughnessy, PCBDesign007

Are you ready for the weekend? Fin de semana? I think we all are! In this week’s roundup, we have one article on what it takes to thrive in the industry today, as well as an interview that discusses one student’s drive to succeed as a PCB designer. We also have an article by our newest columnist, Tom Yang, who introduces us to his family-owned PCB company. Columnist Hanna Grace brings us an interview with her mentor, and Anaya Vardya continues his UHDI coverage with an article that explains UHDI’s use in the RF/microwave arena.

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Marcy’s Musings: The Art, Science, and Reality of Thriving

Marcy LaRont, I-Connect007

By all accounts, the global electronics industry is thriving and has done so in a relatively short historical period marked by momentous technological advancement. Since the invention of the working transistor in 1947—just 77 years ago—our area of electronics alone has seen the first printed circuit board, the advent of plated through-hole technology, microvias and laser drilling, and printed electronics. Particularly considering the technology we support, this technical arc is staggering and should inspire a sense of accomplishment, appreciation, and perhaps even awe.

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Create Realistic Designs and Advance Your Skills - Creating a robust and manufacturable PCB design requires paying close attention to numerous details. There are many unwritten rules, best practice techniques, and design requirements that vary by manufacturer. In The Printed Circuit Designer’s Guide to… Designing for Reality, author Matt Stevenson reveals how these often-subtle factors enable designers to create realistic board designs that will take their skills from novice to advanced.  Download now.

UHDI Fundamentals: UHDI for RF Microwave Applications

Anaya Vardya, American Standard Circuits

Ultra high-density interconnect (UHDI) technology has significant potential for RF (radio frequency) microwave applications. Its advantages lie in its ability to provide high-density routing and integration, which are crucial for complex RF circuits. Here are three key UHDI benefits in RF microwave applications:

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Getting Clear About Certification With Charlie Capers

I-Connect007 Editorial Team

Walk through the entrance at Zentech Dallas and you’ll see a wall of certification plaques prominently displayed. Beyond being impressive and a point of pride, these certifications tell a story to potential customers: This company is ready to do business. Charlie Capers, former vice president and general manager, shares his insights on quantifying the ROI of certifications. You may not see it on paper, but it’s definitely there. He also talks about his expectations for new hires and shares a case study about the importance of collaborating with your PCB designers.

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Are you making the most of your inspection data? - For companies looking to succeed in Industry 4.0—and even beyond, as we drive toward manufacturing autonomy—you will need solutions that can combine domain expertise in optical inspection (vision and software) with the ability to connect to larger systems and contribute to process improvement utilizing tools like artificial intelligence. Readers of The Printed Circuit Assembler’s Guide to SMT Inspection: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond will learn how data-driven analytics can be used to overcome production challenges and enable a smarter factory. Download this latest book in the peer-reviewed I-007eBook series.

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