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all4-PCB - Your PCB Industry Solution Provider for 20 years!

All4-PCB is a trusted supplier of quality PCB equipment and materials focused on providing innovative, reliable process solutions with support of industry veterans. Providing high-end equipment, services and solutions to the PCB and Chemical Milling industry. Technically supporting the equipment with a team of regionally located service engineers and extensive parts inventory.

Our expertise in the PCB process areas include: ViaFill, imaging, lay-up & lamination, fabrication, process automation, wet process, AOI, mechanical & laser drill and final processes.

Selling a piece of equipment to a customer is often about selling an entire process solution! For more information, visit us online and on the show floor in Booth 335.

BURKLE and SCHMOLL Offer a Full Solution for PCB Fabrication

Burkle North America provides our customers with years of experience and innovative PCB fabrication solutions through our partnership with Bürkle's extensive line of productive lamination systems, and Schmoll's precision and productive PCB fabrication solutions—from digital printing to mechanical drills to high-speed lasers.

Listen to Burkle North America's Kurt Palmer in this recent interview, Real Time with... IPC APEX EXPO: Burkle Preps for Biggest Show Ever. Visit us online at BurkleAmerica.com, and connect with us on the show floor in Booth 615.

CBT (Chime Ball Technology) Releases the TITAN 8000 PSR_H series

Committed to advancing DI technology to meet the industry's requirements, CBT released the new TITAN 8000 PSR_R series which increases productivity for printing soldermask with LED Direct Imaging Technology.

The TITAN 8000 PSR-H series continues to provide the best-in-class patented front-to-back registration method, a user-friendly interface, in-house developed LED print engines, not off-the-shelf like other suppliers, and an offering of semi- and fully automated material handling options. Available in 2-14 High Powered LED print engines, proving once again that CBT is the leader in the LED direct imaging market.

Visit Technica USA, Booth 347, for more details and online at Technica.com.

DIS Inc.: Direct Optical Registration

Robots and automation are making a presence in the North American PCB Industry. DIS Inc is releasing the world's first front-end automated lay-up system for multilayer PCB construction.

Come by Booth 627 and speak to us about our latest technologies and registration solutions.

Visit us online at distechnology.com.

IEC and Partners to Feature the Future of PCBs

IEC is always looking for ways to increase our offerings, service levels, and our customers’ capabilities. We will continue this trend in 2023. The future of our industry will require investment into automation, environmental preservation and, of course, great product lines with sustainable companies.

IEC, RBP Chemical Technology, and Eternal Technology Corporation will jointly exhibit at IPC APEX 2023. As well, IEC will showcase equipment partners: Automation equipment company ASS-Luippold, as well as the Sigma-MECER etchant regeneration and plate-out system. Visit us online at ieccan.com. We hope to see you all at IPC APEX, Booth 725.

Low Loss PTFE-Ceramic Substrates for mmWave Applications

  • Low loss PTFE-ceramic substrates with and without woven glass reinforcement
  • Hyper very low-profile copper for reduced insertion loss
  • 9 µm copper foil available to enable tight feature tolerances and lessen copper reduction steps required to achieve finished metal thickness

Visit Rogers Corporation online and at IPC APEX 2023 in Booth 409 to learn more about CLTE-MW™ and RO3003G2™ laminates with 9 micron HVLP copper.

SUSS Inkjet Printing for PCB Manufacturing

JETxSM with PiXDRO technology is at the heart of the technology revolution in solder mask application.

The award-winning novel inkjet-printed solder mask solution for PCBs (printable circuit board) enables drop-on-demand inkjet printing. The advantages of inkjet-based manufacturing are significant. It avoids costly photo processes, which typically include resist coating, exposure, and development steps.

Inkjet printing considerably reduces capital equipment investments, associated labor, floor space, chemicals usage, and related handling and disposal costs. Because inkjet is digital and additive, it is highly flexible, thus minimizing manufacturing turn-around time.

To learn more visit SUSS online and Technica in Booth 347.

Choose Taiyo America for Your Solder Mask!

Inkjet is an environmentally friendly solder mask that is designed to improve registration yields, eliminate getting solder mask in the holes of the printed circuit board, and meet all industry standards for high-performance solder masks in the automotive, aerospace, defense, communications, medical, and industrial market segments.

Taiyo America is the global leader in solder mask technology. Taiyo's products have a reputation worldwide for proven performance, outstanding quality, and extensive end-user acceptance. No matter the application, Taiyo will meet your coating requirements!

Chat with us at the show in Booth 521 or visit our website to learn more and be sure to listen to Jessie Session's recent interview with I-Connect007.

Uyemura RAIG: Zero Corrosion, Heavier Gold

Uyemura TWX-42 "RAIG" (Reduction-assisted Immersion Gold) is a proven “next-gen” process with fewer components. It achieves zero corrosion and heavier gold deposits (2-8 μin) for ENIG, ENEPIG, EPIG, and EPAG, in one step. TWX-42 RAIG produces a non-porous pure gold deposit. It can significantly increase process speeds and reduce waste by lowering the cost of make-up and drag-out. TWX-42 has exceptional solderability and wire bonding capability. Deposit uniformity is exceptionally high, and independent of pad sizes and PCB surface geometry. Bath is extremely stable; non-toxic additive prevents plate-out.

To learn more, stop by Booth 509 or visit us online.

I-007eBooks: Create Realistic Designs and Advance Your Skills

Creating a robust and manufacturable PCB design requires paying close attention to numerous details. There are many unwritten rules, best practice techniques, and design requirements that vary by manufacturer. In The Printed Circuit Designer’s Guide to… Designing for Reality, author Matt Stevenson reveals how these often-subtle factors enable designers to create realistic board designs that will take their skills from novice to advanced.

Download your copy today: i007ebooks.com/dfr.

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