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Aegis: Digital Transformation Acceleration

How Manufacturers Overcome Challenges with the Right Tools & Tech.

Supply chain slowdowns, product shortages, and consumer demands are top-of-mind for most manufacturers today. However, many are using this challenging time to find opportunities to achieve digital dominance and accelerate transformation. This informative whitepaper from Aegis discusses the top drivers behind organizations’ IIoT strategies today, details the best solutions to the ongoing talent shortage and reveals the role technology plays in mitigating labor and supply chain challenges.

View the whitepaper here. Visit us at IPC APEX 2023 in Booth 1919.

Experience the Blackfox Difference!

Blackfox is the worldwide, premier IPC Certification Center offering all 6 IPC certifications: IPC-A-610, IPC J-STD-001, IPC/WHMA-A-620, IPC-A-600, IPC-6012, and IPC 7711/7721. We offer training and certification both in-person and online for all certification levels either at one of our facilities or on-site at your location. Blackfox has state-of-the art training facilities in Longmont, CO; Phoenix, AZ; Minneapolis/St Paul, MN; Guadalajara, Mexico; Queretaro, Mexico; Penang, Malaysia; Singapore.

We are proud to announce the opening of our newest training center in Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota. Choose Blackfox for IPC Certification and experience the difference! Visit us at IPC APEX 2023 in Booth 1237 or blackfox.com and be sure to check out Sharon Montana-Beard's recent interview on I-Connect007.com.

The Industry’s Leading Solution for Solder Reflow Flux Management from BTU

BTU’s next-generation solder reflow flux management system, Aqua Scrub is designed to decrease operational cost by 4X compared to traditional condensation systems. The patent-pending design uses an aqueous-based scrubber technology compatible with most known paste and flux types.

Purpose-built as a stand-alone system that can be easily retrofitted on PYRAMAX™ reflow ovens already in the field, as well as being configured on new PYRAMAX ovens. This self-contained unit mounts on the back side of the oven to minimize the impact on oven operation and factory floor space.

Visit BTU online and on the show floor in Booth 2322.

CyberOptics Features Best-in-Class Inspection Systems Powered by MRS Sensor Technology

CyberOptics, a leading global developer and manufacturer of high-precision 3D sensing technology solutions, will demonstrate the SQ3000™ multi-function system for AOI, SPI and CMM in Booth 915 at IPC APEX 2023. The company also will feature the new SQ3000+ system.

Customers worldwide are improving their yields and processes with CyberOptics’ systems that are powered by Multi-Reflection Suppressio™ (MRS™) sensor technology. The SQ3000+ Multi-Function system for inspection and metrology is an extension of the multi-award-winning SQ3000 platform deemed best-in-class, which not only conducts AOI and SPI, but uniquely delivers in-line, full coordinate measurement (CMM) data in seconds, not hours. For more information visit CyberOptics.com.

Unique FOX Equipment Offering Pick & Place and Dispensing in One Run

Essemtec’s All-in-One solution for paste jetting, dispensing and pick & place processes used in automotive, medical, space, energy, smart-devices, and many other applications. Learn to upgrade PCB production flexibility, reduce cost of ownership, and improve throughput. FOX equipment offers:

  • High-speed placement and jet dispensing on one machine
  • Large variety of components, 01005 (imp.), precision ± 45 µm (3σ)
  • Intelligent feeder concept, 200 feeder lanes on 1 sqm

Meet us at IPC APEX EXPO in Booth 3001 or online at Essemtec.com.

See Hanwha's Award-Winning Smart SMT Solutions in Booth 2133

Hanwha Techwin received 6 industry awards in 2021 for its LED Printers (US-2000DXH1) and LED Placement Equipment (HM520h) and is ready to provide you with synergized SMT assembly solutions combined with world-class service and support throughout North America.

With the HM520h Hybrid LED Mounter, actual productivity is highest among machines of the same class and is optimized to high quality production.

The unique Hanwha/ESE US-2000DXH1 Screen Printer is truly one of a kind in the market. The back-to-back configurable printer allows dual-lane processing for higher throughput. Learn more in Booth 2133 or visit us online.

Reduce Energy Consumption and Ensure Reliability with Novel Solder Paste Solution

Indium Corporation’s Durafuse™ LT is a highly versatile product with characteristics that enable it for energy savings, high-reliability, low-temperature, step soldering, and assemblies with large temperature gradients.

It has been shown to reduce energy consumption by up to 15% compared to a typical Pb-free solder paste while delivering drop shock reliability equal to or better than, and thermal cycling reliability superior to, SAC305. Durafuse™ LT also provides high-reliability in low-temperature applications that require a reflow temperature below 210°C.

To learn more, visit us in Booth 2339 and online at indium.com/durafuse.

Neptune: Award-winning Dispense Process Inspection

Coatings reduce failures and improve reliability, while protecting electronics from moisture, debris, corrosion, and more, but what if the coating or process is flawed? Failure! Neptune is the industry’s first 3D measurement based Dispense Process Inspection (DPI) solution for transparent materials. Combining patented L.I.F.T. technology with an integrated flipper, intuitive programming, and machine-learning algorithms, it allows manufacturers to dive deep into dispensed materials and identify defects at production speed.

Visit Koh Young in Booth 1116 and at kohyoungamerica.com.

KYZEN: Award Winning Chemistry + Reliable Process Control!

A great cleaning process is one that is optimized for reliability and repeatability. AQUANOX A4626 cleans a wide range of soils with ease paired with the KYZEN Process Control System (PCS) to monitor and automatically react to the dynamic changes in the wash bath concentration completes the process. AQUANOX A4626 running in your inline cleaner plus the PCS is the perfect combination. Chemistry and Control are hard at work.

For a preview go to KYZENSHOW.COM or stop by Booth 1545 to learn more from one of our cleaning experts!

Integrated Solutions from MacDermid Alpha Electronic Solutions

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions offers integrated solutions delivering best-in-class reliability for your most demanding and complex assemblies. Our expanding portfolio includes innovative solder pastes, alloys and interconnect materials, combined with the addition of polymer solutions engineered to meet the demands for increased mechanical strength and protection. MacDermid Alpha's integrated solutions deliver the performance required to increase throughput, reduce carbon footprints, lower total cost of ownership, and enable electronics innovation.

Visit us on the show floor in Booth 1933 and at macdermidalpha.com.

Award-Winning 3D AOI and SPI Solutions from MIRTEC

MIRTEC will premier its complete line of 3D AOI/SPI Inspection Systems in Booth 1841 including:

  • MV-6 OMNI 3D AOI: configured with exclusive OMNI-VISION® 3D Inspection Technology combining 15 Mega Pixel CoaXPress Camera Technology with MIRTEC’s revolutionary Digital Tri-Frequency Moiré 3D system in a cost-effective platform.
  • MV-3 OMNI Desktop 3D AOI: configured with the same hardware and software as MIRTEC’s in-line OMNI-VISION® 3D Inspection Systems providing 100% compatibility across MIRTEC’s entire 3D AOI line.
  • Award-Winning MS-11e 3D SPI: configured with an exclusive 15 Mega Pixel CoaXPress Camera System, providing enhanced image quality, superior accuracy, and incredibly fast inspection rates.

Mycronic Showcases 3D Inspection Technologies and High-flexibility
Solutions for Zero-defect Production

As a leading global partner for flexible PCB assembly solutions, Mycronic will continue to respond to growing customer demand for standardized software integration and state-of-the-art inspection technologies at IPC APEX EXPO, Booth 1339. In addition to PCB assembly, jet printing, dispensing, coating and material handling solutions, the company will introduce major advances in 3D inspection technologies and factory connectivity.

Don't leave the show until you discover Iris™ 3D AOI vision technology and Escape Tracker, which represent major advances for optical inspection both in terms of technical performance and in terms of programming quality. Visit Mycronic online to learn more.

PVA Develops New Valve Kiosk Stand for an Array of Applications

PVA introduces its new Valve Kiosk Stand! The innovative stand boasts 18 valves that satisfy an array of applications including dispensing, gasketing, conformal coating, thermal interface material, underfill, jetting and potting.

When it comes to electronics manufacturing technology, a one-size-fits-all mentality doesn’t fit. That is why PVA combines its application expertise with innovative dispensing robotics and precision valve technology to deliver each client a custom-built solution that revolves around their needs.

To learn more, visit PVA in Booth 3133 and online at PVA.net.

Boardera Showcases QuickPrice Estimating Tool Integrated in Siemens’ PCBflow

Boardera Software, a leading developer of e-commerce tools for the PCB industry, will present its solutions, including its QuickPrice estimating tool, at IPC APEX 2023 in Booth 1910.

Boardera’s QuickPrice tool has been integrated in Siemens’ PCBflow cloud-based design for manufacturing (DFM) and collaboration platform. By requesting a QuickPrice from within PCBflow, designers can instantly get an accurate price estimate for the manufacturing and assembly of their design. PCB manufacturers can create a pricing model to qualify as a QuickPrice provider within PCBflow. Each QuickPrice request generates a lead that is automatically sent to the manufacturer.

For more information, visit Boardera and PCBflow.

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