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Zenith Alpha: New True 3D AOI From Koh Young

Koh Young proudly introduces its latest True 3D AOI platform—Zenith Alpha. Leveraging its award-winning technologies, the Zenith Alpha fits myriad applications and manufacturers of all sizes. It incorporates a smart and dynamic feature set with AI-powered quality optimization technologies. This new system concentrates the technological insight to increase process performance and reduce line downtime. At the same time, its inherent True 3D inspection capabilities help manufacturers methodically collect, analyze, and manage data in real time to dynamically formulate a multifaced view of the assembly process.

Experience the latest advancements in inspection with us at IPC APEX EXPO in Booth 2336 or online at kohyoung.com

Experience the Blackfox Difference!

Blackfox is the worldwide, premier IPC certification center, offering all six IPC certifications. The following courses are available for instructors (certified IPC trainers), experts (certified standards expert), and operators (certified IPC specialists): IPC-A-610, IPC-A-600, IPC-6012, IPC 7711/7721, IPC J-STD-001, and IPC/WHMA-A-620. Locations include Longmont, Colorado; Phoenix, Arizona; Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico; Queretaro, Mexico; Penang, Malaysia; Singapore; or on-site at your location.

This year, Blackfox launches a new nonprofit called The Evolution Foundation. This foundation provides the skills and knowledge to evolving active military service members and veterans to prepare them for success in civilian careers. Visit Blackfox at IPC APEX EXPO in Booth 1000 and on the web at blackfox.com

PCB Laser Depaneling Systems from LPKF

LPKF’s PCB depaneling systems produce a better product at a lower cost. Advantages of laser PCB depaneling machines include:

No stress - Mechanical methods are hard on the solder joints of a PCB.
No burrs - A laser-cut board’s edge is smooth and clean; there is no need for further downstream processing.
No particles - Lasers don’t create the dust particles generated by traditional mechanical cutting methods such as dicing saws and routers. Therefore, any downstream cleaning can be eliminated entirely from the production line.

Click for an appointment with LPKF at Booth 3653 or get a custom ROI for your application.

Super Dry Smart Storage: More Than Just Dry Air

With the widest range of sizes, performance specifications, and configurations, Super Dry Smart Storage® can satisfy any dry storage requirement. From benchtop, entry-level cabinets up to wall-in dry rooms, our decades of experience are yours to utilize. Long-term storage? We have specialty solutions, including temperature control, to inhibit intermetallic growth. Floor life re-set? We can replace your costly baking ovens at a fraction of the operating cost.

Speak with the Super Dry experts at IPC APEX EXPO in Booth 2623 and visit on the web at superdry-totech.com.

Cimetrix Sapience: One Unified Platform to Run Your Entire Factory

Cimetrix Sapience® Integration Platform (Sapience) is a smart factory platform to seamlessly connect varying factory equipment within a single event-driven framework. The Sapience platform provides rapid-deployment tools for factories to mine the treasure trove of data available from shop floor equipment, driving actionable insights for optimal decision-making.

Seamless connectivity allows factory IT systems direct access to factory equipment. Resulting equipment communication, data collection, and process control establish the foundation for Industry 4.0, big data, and smart factory initiatives.

Speak with Cimetrix experts at Booth 1521 or visit us on the web at Cimetrix.com/platform.

ASM’s E-by-SIPLACE and E-by-DEK Have Proven to Be the Perfect Choice for High-Mix/Mid Volume Market

The mid-volume market has embraced the E-by-SIPLACE and E-by-DEK platforms as their choice for addressing the needs for improved productivity, accuracy, and efficiency. Outfitted with many of the technological features found in ASM’s high-volume equipment, and the added benefit of using ASM’s powerful off-line programming software, SIPLACE PRO, the E-by-DEK and the E-by-SIPLACE provide SMT producers an effective means of addressing their high-mix/mid-volume demands.

Visit Technica USA's SMT Booth 3437 for a complete demonstration or contact us through Technica.com for more information.

Manufacturing Intelligence 4.0: A Disruptive, Enterprise Approach to Eliminating Islands of Data for Actionable Insights

Aegis will be highlighting how its zero-code IIoT-based MES platform, FactoryLogix®, is uniquely architected to remove the complexity and costs of collecting and contextualizing massive volumes of independent data points. With an enterprise-wide and interpretive lens, FactoryLogix instantly turns raw, meaningless data into visual data relationships that become meaningful, useful, and actionable.

Aegis’ FactoryLogix answers the question, “So what?” by leveraging a differentiated approach, ultimately removing the traditional time and resource constraints associated with data that hold so many manufacturers back from growth, differentiation, and ultimate survival. Stop by Booth 2119 or schedule a free IIoT consultation here.

See Beyond the Obvious With Mek AOI Solutions

A wide range of benchtop and inline AOI machines to rapidly capture defects with minimal false alarms for the ultimate inspection quality.

• Ultra-fast programming and set up
• The shortest route to first-class AOI performance

The range is structured, so it's easy to work out the best choice for your application, and there's something for pretty much every budget. Mek has been at the forefront of advanced AOI and SPI technologies for the electronics industry for the past 25 years. Talk to our experts at IPC APEX EXPO in Booth 3029 or visit marantz-electronics.com.

The Next-Generation UV Cure Coatings

Make It Better…With Electrolube. Join the experts at IPC APEX EXPO 2020 Booth 2413 to find out more about the latest resins, thermal management, and conformal coatings, including the next generation of UV cure conformal coatings with a full cure up to 10x faster than other UV cure coatings. Also on hand is the author of I-Connect007’s successful e-book on conformal coatings, who will be available to answer all of your questions!

Click here to learn more.

Pluritec to Showcase EVO Depanel: Precision Router/Depanelization System

New to the SMT marketplace, EVO solves the industry requirements for precision, vision, automation and includes a dust removal system that leaves panels free from routing dust. Available in both entry-level manual load/unload and fully automated inline processing systems.

With 50 years of routing experience in the PCB market, you can trust Pluritec to solve your routing and depanelization requirements. Visit us at IPC APEX EXPO in Booth 4435 to see the EVO in action! To learn more about us, visit us at pluritec.com.

KYZEN: Dirty Stencil? It Can Affect Your Whole Production Process and Cost You $$$!

KYZEN’s newest versatile stencil cleaning product is the result of thousands of hours of laboratory tests, along with compatibility and live beta site testing. KYZEN E5631 works in off-line stencil cleaners as well as your printer to give you the next BEST print because we know how important every print is.

Learn more about how a clean stencil can improve your overall production process. Stop by Booth 1637 at the show or set up an appointment with our cleaning experts ahead of time at KYZENshow.com.

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